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Define courtesy.
An act or verbal expression of consideration or respect for others.
Define Custom.
A usual way of acting ina situation that has been practiced so long that it has the force of law.
Name a required act of military courtesy.
A salute is a required act of military courtesy.
What is the most common form of saluting?
Hand Salute.
When in uniform, Navy personnel salute which of the following persons/things?
a. Flag
b. Anthem
c. Officers
d. Each of the above
D. Each of the above.
True or False. Under naval customs, the hand salute is accompanied by a word of greeting.
As an enlisted person who should you salute?
All officers.
What procedure should you follow when boarding a ship that is flying the national ensign?
1. Stop on reaching the upper platform of the accomodation ladder or end of brow.
2. Face the ensign and salute.
3. Salute the OOD.
As a sentry at a gangway, when should you render a salute?
a. To all officers going or coming over the side
b. When passing or being passed by officers close aboard in boats.
List the 3 rifle salutes.
a. Present arms.
b. Rifle salute at order arms.
c. Rifle salute at right shoulder arms.
Define the term honors.
Honors are salutes rendered to ships, high-ranking individuals, and nations.
Name the passing honors for the President of the USA.
Manning the rail is a passing honr rendered to the president of the usa.
A ruler of a country recognized by the USA rates which of the following gun salutes?
a. 5
b. 17
c. 21
21 Gun salute
Hoisting the national flag at 0800 and lowering at sunset are known as?
Morning and evening colors.
Define the term shifting the colors.
As a ship gets underway, the ensign is shifted from ins in-port position on the stern to its at-sea position on the mainmast.
You are indoors for an event and the anthem is being played but the flag is not displayed. What should you do-
a. when in uniform and covered
b. when in uniform and uncovered
c. when in civilian attire.
a. render a hand salute
b. stand at attention
c. place your hand over your heart.
What is the significance of national flags flown at half mast(half staff ashore)?
Internationally recognized symbols of mourning.
What is the quarterdeck?
An area designated by the CO that serves as the focal point for offcial and ceremonial functions.
Aboard ship, how is the CO addressed?
As captian regardless of paygrade.