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What is the length of the dress blue jumper for men?
The men's dress blue jumper should hang straight and cover all but the lowest button of the 13-button front of the trouser.
What uniform should enlisted women E-1 through E-6 wear with the black silk neckerchief?
Service Dress White Jumper
When wearing a peacoat over a dress blue jumper uniform, the uniform collar should be.....
Inside outergarment
When added to a service dress white uniform, what uniform component makes the service dress white uniform a full dress uniform?
When Large medals are worn.
Men & women stencil what uniform the same way?
Dress white jumper.
What person can authorize the transfer of an elisted person's clothing to another enlisted person?
Commanding Officer
You are required to have fire retardant dungaree shirts and trousers/slacks in your seabag. How many pair(s) should you have?
List 5 uniform items that you can wear with civilian clothes.
a. all-weather raincoat
b. underwear
c. shoes
d. belt with civilian buckle
e. socks
f. sweaters
g. neckties
What is an E1 in the marine corps?
What is an E3 in the USMC?
Lance Corporal
What is an E2 in the USMC?
PFC (Private First Class)
What is an E-8 in the USMC?
First seargent
Master Seargent
What is a E9 in the USMC?
Seargent major
Master Gunnery sergeant
What is the dual title for an E-2 & E2 in the army?
What is an E3 in the army?
What is an E4 in the army?
What is an E7 in the army?
Sergeant First Class
What is an E8 in the army?
First Sergeant
Master Sergeant
What is an E9 in the army?
Command Master sergeant
Sergeant major
What is an E1 in the USAF?
Airman basic
What is an E2 in the airforce?
What is an e3 in the USAF?
Airman 1st class
What is an E4 in teh USAF?
Senior Airman
What is an E5 in teh USAF?
Staff Sergeant
What is an E6 in the USAF?
Technical Sergeant
What is an E7 in the USAF?
Master Sergeant
What is an E8 in the USAF?
Senior Master Sergeant
What is an E9 in the USAF?
Chief Master sergeant
What is a striker mark?
a specialty mark of a rating worn by qualified E-1 through E-3 personnel.
To be eligible to wear a service stripe, you must have served 4 years of active duty or reserve service in what branch of the US Armed forces?
Any branch
A naval officer is wearing one silver star insignia on the uniform collar. What rank does this insignia show?
Rear Admiral (Lower half)
When worn as a sleeve insignia, what device designates the officer as a line officer?
Gold star
What kind of special insignia is worn on the breast by personnel qualified in underwater and beach reconnaissance and demolition?
Special Warfare Insignia
If a person has four or more ribbons, what is the minimum number of medals that can be worn on the uniform?
List 4 examples of military decorations.
a. medal of honor
b. navy cross
c. distinguished service medal
d. purple heart
List 2 types of nonmilitary decorations
a. Presidential medal of freedom
b. Gold and Silver Life saving medals.
c. National Sciences medal
When wearing medals or ribbons on a uniform, what is their order of presidence?
top to bottom, inboard to outboard, within rows.
Name 5 actions that you shopuld not take with regard to your ID card.
a. alter it
b. intentionally damage it
c. lend it to someone
d. counterfeit it
e. use it in an unauthorized manner
Describe the difference between the purpose for the military ID card and dog tags in wartime.
ID card identifies you to the capturing authorities if held as a POW.
ID tags are designed for identification purposes in casualty reporting and for grave registration of members who die in combat.
List the information contained on the dog tags.
a. Full name
b. SSN and the letters USN
c. Blood type and Rh Factor
d. Religious preference of the wearer
While in uniform, how many (a) wristwatches and (b) bracelets can be worn?
1 each
To what Navy publication should you refer for further explanation of grooming standards?
USN Uniform Regulations Manual
When in uniform, what type of earrings is authorized for E-6 and below and CPO's and above?
a. E-6 and below: Silver earrings, 6mm ball
b. E-7 and above: gold earrings, 6mm ball
List 3 reasons for military formations.
a. to move a large number of personnel from one place to another in an orderly fashion.
b. to make personnel alert and to pay attention to information or instructions being put out.
c. to teach a group of individuals to act as a team.
What is the meaning of the term rank or line with reference to military formations?
rank or line is a formation of elements or persons abreast of each other or side by side.
List the 2 parts of a facing command.
a. preparatoryt command
b. execution command
When in formation, what are the four commands for rest?
a. parade rest
b. at ease
c. rest
d. fall out
What command tells you to smartly turn your head 45Degrees to the right?
Eyes Right