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Information in this class is collected using the...
Scientific Method
Step 1
Make an observation.
Step 2
Develop a hypothesis - A hypoth is a proposed explanation for your observation.
Step 3
Deductive reasoning: if hypothesis is true then I predict that....
Step 4
Test your prediction

You can test predictions by survey and experiment
A good Hypothesis must be?
Testable and falsifiable.
Step 5
Accept, Reject or modify your hypothesis.
Vitamin C does
Not reduce a cold..
Based on medical knowledge: does vitamin C affect cold susceptibility?
Is it possible to prove a hypothesis absolutely true?
No, but it can be proved beyond a reasonable doubt.
Define Scientific theory:
An explanation supported by rigorous tests and experiments proven beyond a readonable.
Virus do what?
Virus trick host cells - body makes multiple cells - Virus attacks cells.
Why do you give the control group "Sham tea"?
Belief factor
What is a placebo
Sugar pill.