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Masonry supporting a statue or the shaft of a column
Canon of Proportions
A set of ideal mathematical ratios in art based on measurements of the human body
The sculptured block that tops a column
The topmost zone of a wall with windows in a bascilla extending above the aisle roofs. Provides direct light into the central interior space
A row of columns supporting a straight lintel
An architechtural element used for support or decoration. Consists of a shaft placed on a base and topped by a capital
Type of ceramic covered with colorful, opaque glazesthat form a smooth, impermeable surface. First developed in ancient Egypt.
Hypostyle Hall
A large interior room characterized by many closely spaced columns that support its roof
A flat topped one story structure with slanted walls over an ancient Egyptian underground tomb
a material on which to write, prepared from thin strips of the pith of this plant laid together, soaked, pressed, and dried, used by the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans
Rock-Cut Tombs
Tombs in Beni Hasan in which columns, lintels, false doors and niches were carved out of rock. Typically had a portico, main hall, and shrine with a burial chamber
A stone coffin, often rectangular and decorated in relief sculpture
Sunken Relief
Relief in which the outlines of the figures have been carved into the surface of the stone rather than being formed by cutting away the stone
Beehive Tomb
A corbel vaulted tomb, conical in the shape of a beehive and covered by an earthen mound
A fortress or defended city, if possible, placed in a high and commanding location
A method of building using huge blocks of stone
A metal technique in which a black sulfer alloy is rubbed fine lines engraved in to a metal. When heated the alloy becomes fused with the surrounding metal and provides contrasting detail.
A technique of hammering metal from the back to create a protruding image.
Archaic Smile
The curved lips of an Ancient Greek Statue, usually interpreted as an attempt to animate the features
A style or technique of ancient Greek pottery in which black figures are painted on a red clay background
The prinipal interior room at the center of a Greek or Roman templewithin which the cult statue was usually housed
Used to describe the twisted pose resulting from parts of the body set in opposition to each other around a central axis
Refers to a column without a base
Greek statue of a young woman
An archaic Greek statue of a young man or boy
The principal room in a temple or church. In ancient architecture, this is the cella
A triangular gable found over major architechtural elements such as classical greek porticos, windows, or doors
A small round building, sometimes built underground such as a Mycenean tomb