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Phil Spector
-The Teddy Bears
Philles Rec. w/Les Sill
wall of sound
wrecking crew (Hal Blaine-drums, Carl Kaye-bass)
girl bands (Ronettes, Crystals)
Hal Blaine
drums for Phil Spector's wrecking crew
Carl Kaye
bass for Phil Spector's wrecking crew
Surf Music bands
Jan and Dean
Surfaris ("Wipe out")
Dick Dale ("surf beat")
Beach Boys
Beach Boys
-B. Wilson - vocals, bass, writer
-C. Wilson - guitar, vocals
-D. Wilson - drums, vocals
-Mike Love - vocals
-Al Jardine - guitar, vocals
-Bruce Johnston - after Brian Wilson stopped touring
Mike Love
Beach Boys vocals
Al Jardine
Beach Boys guitar and vocals
Tony Asher
lyricist for "Wouldn't It Be Nice" and "God Only Knows"
Beach Boys records
-Pet Sounds
Merseybeat Sound
-Gerry and the Pacemakers
-The Searchers ("Needles and Pins")
-Herman's Hermits (Manchester, Peter Noone)
Peter Noone
Herman's Hermits
Stuart Sutcliffe
bass for Beatles
Alexis Korner
-Father of English Blues
-Mick Jagger, Brian Jones, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts, Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker, Jack Bruce, Robert Plant (Zeppelin), Peter Frampton (Humble Pie), Eric Burdon (Animals), John Mayall (Bluesbreakers)
Rolling Stones
-Mick Jagger - lead vocals, songwriter
-Keith Richards - rhythm guitar, songwriter
-Brian Jones, Mick Taylor, Ron Wood - lead guitar
-Bill Wyman - bass
-Charlie Watts - drums
Mick Jagger
lead vocals and songwriter of Stones
Keith Richards
rhythm guitar, songwriter for Stones
Bill Wyman
bass for Stones
Charlie Watts
drums for Stones
Brian Jones
lead guitar for Stones (1)
Mick Taylor
lead guitar for Stones (2)
Ron Wood
lead guitar for Stones (3)
The Animals
Eric Burdon
Chas Chandler - bass
"House of the Rising Sun"
"Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood"
Eric Burdon
Chas Chandler
bass for Animals
Pete Townshend
pop art
Old English
Ray Charles
"Hey, Good Lookin"
Aretha Franklin
-Jerry Wexler picked her up after failing at pop
-"Respect", "I never loved a man" (by Otis Redding)
-muscle shoals
Jerry Wexler
picked up Aretha after failing at pop music
James Brown
-guitar like drum
-"please please please", "bag", "say it loud"
clean sound
dirty sound
Atlantic Rec
Ray Charles
Aretha Franklin
VJ Rec
Four Seasons
shared w/Atlantic Rec.
house band = Booker T and MGs
Chess Rec
Chuck Berry
King Rec
James Brown
Berry Gordon
-Founder of Motown
-Ford assembly line
-quality control dept
Michael Bloomfield
guitar for Dylan
Al Kooper
organ for Dylan
Bob Dylan records
-Bob Dylan (covers)
-Freewheelin' Bob Dylan ("Wind")
-Times they are a-changin'
-Another Side of Bob Dylan
-Bringing it All Back Home (1/2 and 1/2)
-Highway 61 Revisited (all electric, "Rolling Stone")
-Blonde on Blonde (#12 and 35)
-John Wesley Harding (country rock)
-Nashville Skyline (country rock)
-Blood on the Tracks
Tom Wilson
produced Simon and Garfunkel and Dylan
-Vietnam war
-uniform-long, dirty hair, ethnic clothing, jeans, peace symbol, lingo
-birth control pill
-LSD (lifestyle drug)
Tom Donahue
DJ for FM station KMPX in San Fran- put on music that wouldn't be on pop station
Bill Graham
the Fillmore
Jefferson Airplane
-Grace Slick
-"Somebody to love", "white rabbit"
Janis Joplin
-b. Port Arthur
-Big Bro. and the Holding company
Grateful Dead
-Jerry Garcia
Jerry Garcia
Grateful Dead
Summer of Love
Psychedelic music
1. english influences
2. exotic influences (india)
3. studio experimentation
year of the sitar
"Heart Full of Soul" - Yardbirds - sitar sounding guitar
"See My Friends" - Kinks - 1st sitar to be recorded
August 24, 1964
Bob Dylan smoked pot w/the Beatles
Eric Clapton - guitar, vocals
Ginger Baker - drums
Jack Bruce - bass
"Strange Brew"
The Who
Pete Townshend - guitar, vocals, primary songwriter
Roger Daltrey - lead vocals
John Entwistle - bass, secondary songwriter
Keith Moon - drums
-TOMMY - first Rock Opera
Pete Townshend
guitar, vocals, primary songwriter for The Who
Roger Daltrey
lead vocals for The Who
John Entwistle
bass, secondary songwriter for Who
Keith Moon
drums for Who
Meher Baba
guru for The Who and others
Jimi Hendrix
records released while alive:
Are you experienced?
Axis: bold as love
Electric ladyland
Band of Gypsys (diff group)
Noel Redding
bass for Hendrix
Mitch Mitchell
for Hendrix
Velvet Underground
Lou Reed
Sterling Morrison
John Cale - viola, organ
Angus Maclise, Maureen Tucker - drums
"Venus in Furs", "white light/white heat", "rock and roll"
Lou Reed
Velvet Underground
mentor: Delmore Schwartz
John Cale
viola and organ for Velvet Underground
Angus Maclise
1st drummer for Underground
Maureen Tucker
played drums standing up for Underground
The Kinks
Ray Davies - lead vocals, rhythm guitar, primary songwriter
Dave Davies - lead guitar, vocals, secondary songwriter
Peter Quaife - bass
Mick Avory - drums
Ray Davies
lead vocals, rhythm guitar, primary songwriter for Kinks
Dave Davies
lead guitar, vocals, secondary songwriter for Kinks
Peter Quiafe
bass for Kinks
Mick Avory
drums for Kinks
Thomas A. Dorsey
Father of Gospel
Monterey Pop Festival
1st outside music festival
Chet Helms
developed psychedelic light shows