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What does it mean to have a disability
The significance of a disability is related to whether it handicaps the individual.
Disability is a relative concept. True or False
True. Disability is a relative concept depending on culture, attitudes, beliefs, discipline, and orientation.
Special Education Began in...
France in the late 1700's
With whom?
When farmers found a yound abandoned boy in the woods.
Who rescued him?
Jean-Marc-Gaspard Itard, a doctor brought him to Paris and spent years trying to teach Victor to speak, read, write, and exhibit the social skills required in French Society.
Special Education developed in America....
through the efforts of Seguin, a student of Itard.
How did they start special education in America?
They created residential and public day schools.
It was restricted to some students with disabilities until 1977.
When was special education truly available in America?
In 1977 with the passage of the first Individuals with Disibilities Education Act (IDEA) and of PL 940142, the Education for All Handicapped Children Act (EHA).
Why did the federal government and the public call for national intervention?
MILLIONS of children:
1. Were not receiving a free appropriate public education.
2. were excluded from educational opportunities.
3. Many were not identified and therefore were not being adquately served.
4. States needed federal assistance to pay for special education.
5. People realized that special education and related services could be effective.
What are some of the defining features of special education?
1. FAPE - Free Appropriate Public Education
2. LRE - Least Restrictive Environment
3. Individualized Education
Why is Special Education controversial?
It was accused of being ineffective, being discriminatory, segregating children from their peers, serving too many students, costing too much and placing a financial burden on local schools, and imposing on schools the administrative burden of protecting and dealing with violent and unruly children.
What are the constant debating points of special education?
1. Who?
2. Where should they be educated?
3. What should their curriculum be?
4. To what extreme should they be mainstreamed.
What are some solutions to the problems faced by students with disabilities, and by educators charged with meeting their needs?
1. Solutions must be developed through responsible, flexible, and creative problems solving techniques.
2. Educators must be responsive to students and families listening to multiple perspectives about how satisfied they are about the services provided.
3. Special education professionals need to develop goals for the field by determining and articulating its purpose, expectations for its outcome, and standards against which to measure its effectiveness.
4. Special educators must become sophisticated evaluators of research and must apply only those methods, approaches, techniques and practices that have been verified through stringent research trials.