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Where did Tetrapods originate from?

Lobe-fin Fishes

Tetrapods need what in order to survive?

1. Well Developed lungs

2. Be able to support their bodies w/ limbs

3. Strong jaws to become predators

Class Amphibia example & Phylum

Phylum Chordata

Example = Frog, Salamander, Newt

What are some features for Class Amphibia?

4 digits per limb, gills when young but lungs when older, breathe across skin, NO scales, and some are toxic

A three chambered-heart is a feature most associated with?

Class Amphibia

A three chambered heart allows for ______ circulation which is from heart to body, as well as _______ circulation which is from heart to lungs.


2. Pulmonary

Give an example of how Class Amphibia lay eggs & include any limitations that may/not be there

Most Amphibians are still tied to the water and as a result must lay eggs in the water, which limits them to water as juvinilles but as adults the development of lungs allows them to become terrestrial

EX: Frogs must lay eggs in water = tadpole

What order does this organism belong to?

What Class?

What order does this organism belong to?

What Class?

Order Gynophiona

List several features of ORder Urodela


1. long tail, short legs

2. feed on insects

3. must reproduce in water

4. some tied to water perm. = newt

What order does this organism belong to?

What order does this organism belong to?

Order Urodela - Salamander

Order Anura includes _____ animals within Class ______?

1. Frogs & Toads

2. Amphibia

Amniota are what exactly?

Amniota are a key feature of mammals, reptiles, and birds that are not tied to the water and can therefore lay their eggs on land.

Allows for a complex shell with a hard outer layer and internal membrane called the amnionq

Class Reptilia's key characteristics are...?

1. Scales from the epidermal layer

2. 5 digits

3. Ectothermic and thus rely on outside heat

4. Uric acid used for waste

Only two species of this order still remain & can live to be VERY old...have 3 eyes!


What two members belong to order Squamata?

Lizards and snakes

I belong to what Order?

I belong to what Order?

No not slytherin but SQUAMATA

Feature of Lizards?

Movable eyelids and flexible jaws

Features of snakes?

legless, highly flexible jaws, NO eyelids, Jacobson's organ used in smelling, and Pit organ used as heat sensor

Jacobson's Organ?

Allows the snake to pick up chemoreceptors with its tongue and translated into smell

Pit Organ?

Allows the snake to see where to strike based off of heat radiation

What is an example for Order Testudine?

Turtles (heyyy it's franklin the MOFO turtle!)

Order Crocodilia

Crocodiles, Alligators, and Gharials

What is most likely the reason the dinosaurs are no longer with us?


Echinoderms examples

starfish, brittle star, basket star, sand dollar, and sea urchin, and sea cucumber

What Phylum do I belong to?

What Phylum do I belong to?

Echinodermata & I am a sea cucumber

Brittle stars & Basket Stars belong to what class & phylum?

Phylum = Echinodermata

Class: Ophiuroidea

Sea urchins & sand dollars belong to what class?


Class Holothuroidea example

Sea cucumber

What am I??

What am I??

Arrow worm - Chaetognatha

Ants, bees, and wasps all belong to what order?


Butterflies and Moths belong to what order?


Beetles belong to what order?


True flies like house flies belong in what order?


What is the notochord?

cartiliginous rod running underneath the dorsal nerve chord

What is the Dorsal nerve chord?

Hollow bundle of fibers that turns into the brain at one end, hold nerve chord

What are pharyngeal slits?

Act like gills and allow for capture of particles for feeding

Endostyle is similar to what...but does what?

Similar to thyroid and allows for particle capture

Post-anal tail is what?

Allows for swimming to be easier

Tunicates belong to what subphylum?


Describe the life cycle of Tunicates

Swim when young, and don't feed, then settle & become adults and do not move and filter feed

A salp is looks ____ and _____ shaped and _____ for defense

1. translucent

2. barrel

3. squirt

Cephalochordata are what exactly?

Lancelets are a great example

Hagfish belong to what phylum?


Hagfish belong to what class?


Class petromyzcntida common name?


A shark would belong to what Class due to what feature?

Chonodrichthyes & because of jaws & scales

Rays & skates belong to what class?


What does the swim bladder do?

Allows for bouancy and moving up and down in water column

A sun fish is an example of what class & why?

Class Actinopterygii & because of ray-fins

The pokemon relicanth would belong to what class?


What characteristics define a mammal?

True hair, mammary glands, and large brain, 4-chambered hearts

A short digestive tract means that the diet of the mammal is rich in ________


What is a cecum?

This is a portion of the digestive tract that has micro organisms to breakdown cellulose to better digest grass, etc.

What is the Rumen?

A chamber of the stomach that allows for food to be predigested, thrown up, and rechewed

cows, deer, etc.

What are the three types of reproduction in Class Mammalia?

1. Monotremes - egg layers (platypus)

2. Marsupials - short fetus time long nursing time (kangaroos)

3. Placental - long uterus time but short lactation time (most mammals)