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In chemical rxns, when atoms gain or lost electrons, they form :
When an ionic bond is formed between two atoms, electrons are :
completely transferred from one atom to the other.
The biological function of a molecule is most directly related to :
The shape of the molecule.
Isotopes differ from each other by their ________.
number of neutrons
The bonding between an oxygen atom in 1 molecule of water and hydrogen atoms on other, nearby water an aqueous solution is best described as:
hydrogen bonding
Nitrogen (N) is much more electronegative than hydrogen (H). Therefore, in ammonia (NH ) each hydrogen atom would have what charge?
A partial positive charge.
Which type of lipid is most impt. in biological membranes?
Molecules are always moving. Some molecules move faster than others; ______ is a measure of their average velocity of movement.
What includes the idea that all cells come from preexisting cells?
The Cell Theory