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What is a mature male sheep called?
What is a mature female sheep called?
What is a newborn sheep called?
What is a young female sheep called?
What is a young male sheep called?
What is a castrated male sheep called? Castrated male goat?
They are both wethers
What is mature male goat called?
What is a mature female goat called?
What is a newborn goat called?
What is a young male goat called?
What is a young female goat called?
What is the normal temp for a sheep?
100.9-103.8 (102.3)
What is a normal pulse for a sheep
70-80 bpm
What is a normal resp rate for a sheep?
12-20 rpm
What is a normal temp for a goat?
101.7-105.3 (103.8)
What is a normal pulse for a goat?
70-80 bpm
What is a normal resp rate for a goat?
12-20 rpm
Which has a strong flock instinct, sheep or goats?
Sheep - goats are more independent
Where are the scent glands on a sheep?
On their feet
Where are the scent glands on a goat?
On their head
Which may have beards and/or waddles, sheep or goats?
Which has a stong musk smell, rams or bucks?
Which appear to be more intelligent, sheep or goats?
It has been said that a sick sheep ______ where as a sick goat_______.
Sheep dies, goat may be OK
Three methods of sheep/goat restraint
"tip-up", back against wall or corner, small chutes
When is puberty in sheep & goats?
6-16 months based on how late in the spring the animal is born
When is the breeding season for sheep & goats?
What type of heat cycle do sheep and goats have?
Seasonally polyestrus
What is the length of the estrus cycle in sheep and goats?
17-21 days
What is the length of heat in sheep & goats?
1-3 days
What are the signs of heat in sheep and goats?
None - only apparent to the ram/buck
Bucks, not rams, have a strong _______ during breeding season which helps bring the does in to heat.
Describe the "flushing" method of breeding
Feed extra food to thin ewes prior to breeding season, they then ovulate more eggs
Describe the "tagging" method of breeding?
Clip wool from around vulva prior to breeding season
What is the gestation length in sheep & goats?
150 days
What is parturition called in sheep? In goats?
lambing, kidding
In what season are lambs and kids born?
How many offspring are desired per pregnancy in sheep & goats?
2-3 lambs/kids
What is "crutching"?
clipping the wool around the vulva before lambing
What is a "lambing jug"?
A 4x4 pen where parturition happens and allows bonding between ewe and lamb
What three things are vital in care of newborn lamb/kid?
make sure it is breathing, dip umbilicus in iodine, make sure it gets colostrum w/i 15 hours
What are 4 methods of fostering orphan lambs?
Slime grafting, skin grafting, wet grafting, fostering pen
Describe slime grafting?
Use fresh placenta from foster ewe to cover orphan - fools ewe into accepting lamb as hers
Describe skin grafting
If foster ewe has just lost a lamb, use skin of dead lamb to cover orphan lamb
Describe wet grafting
orphan lamb and ewe's lamb placed in salt water - now they both smell the same
Describe a fostering pen
Place foster ewe in a head gate in pen and put her lamb and orphan lamb both in w/ her. Theory is that she will eventually accept both as hers
What is the primary cause of dystocia in sheep and goats?
2 lambs/kids in birth canal at the same time
When are lambs/kids weaned?
4-5 months (earlier, really)
What are the 5 primary components of sheep/goat nutrition?
roughage, carbs, protein, vitamins & minerals, water
No other class of animal is as well adapted to ________ as sheep and goats.
From what do sheep and goats get vitamins and minerals in their diet?
top dressing/salt licks
How much water does a sheep/goat need daily?
1 gallon
In general, white face sheep are for ____ production and dark faced sheep are for ______ production.
White - wool, dark - meat
_____% of sheep at slaughter are lambs or yearlings
Name the three methods of sheep production
farm flock method, range method, feedlot
Describe the sheep production method of farm flock
primarily a market lamb production - up to 300 sheep
Describe the range method of production for sheep
vy large flocks rotated over very large grazing area, flock has own shepherd, is the most common method of sheep production
Describe the Feedlot method of sheet/goat husbandry
buy lambs and thin sheep to fatten for slaughter
3 production types for goats
dairy, angora, meat
How much milk does a dairy goat avg in a day?
3-4 quarts
How frequently are dairy goats milked?
2x/day, 12 hours apart
For how many days does a dairy goat lactate?
300 days
Angora goats are native to_______
When are sheep sheered?
Once a year in the spring, often prior to lambing
What is the purpose of foot trimming in sheep & goats? The exterior wall is trimmed level to what?
prevent lameness, trimmed level to frog
What is drenching?
deworming for internal parasites - tank of dewormer on back w/ hose to "gun"
What is dipping?
controls ectoparasites - done after sheering after cuts heal
s/g dz - cause:poxvirus, signs:swollen, crusty sores on mouth, lips and tongue, prev: live vax admin by scarification, ZOONOTIC (dz AND vax), causes Orf in people
Contagious ecthyma
s/g dz - cause: Corynebacterium, signs: lymph nodes enlarged and filled w/ cheesy pus, is contagious, prev: vax gives patical protection - vax site may abscess
Caseous lymphadenitis
Goat dz - cause: virus, signs: encephalitis in young goats, arthritis in older, prev: none - blood test to detect and then cull infected
CAE - Caprine arthritis and encephalitis
s/g dz - cause: Chlamydia, sign: abortion storm, prev: vax
Sheep dz - cause: Campylobacter sp., sign: abortion storms, prev: vax
EAE - Enzootic abortion of ewes
sheep dz - Cause: virus, signs: mastitis, chronic pneumonia, prev: no vax, test & cull
OPP - Ovine progressive pneumonia
dz - cause: Bacillus anthraces, signs: sudden death, blood from all orifices upon death, prev: vaccine, Zoonotic: YES *DO NOT NECROPSY (spores)*
s/g dz - cause: foot and mouth virus, signs: watery blisters on corneal band and mouth, prev: test and cull, is reportable
Foot and Mouth dz
dz - Cause: rabies virus, two forms furious and dumb
dz - cause: brucella abortus bacteria, signs: females-late term abortions, males-orchitis, prev: vax, ZOONOTIC
dz - cause: Clostridium chauvei, sign: causes damage to skeletal mucscle, prev: vax
dz - cause: Clostridium septicum, sign: causes damage to skeletal muscle, prev: vax
malignant edema
dz - cause: Clostridium novyi, signs liver damamge, prev: vax
black dz
dz - cause: Clostridium perfringens, often happens when changing from milk to feed, signs: bloody diarrhea
hemorrhagic gastroenteritis
dz - cause: Clostridium tetani, signs: sawhorse stance, stiffness, seizures, prev: vax
s/g dz - cause: unknown, may be a prion, extremely long (years) incubation period, related to BSE in cattle, signs: CNS signs, intense itching, ataxia, tremors, microscopic holes eaten in brain, always fatal, prev: cull affected sheep
At what age are s/g castrated?
2 weeks
5 castration methods
bite off, burdizzo, elastrator bands, emasculator, knife
At what age are tails docked?
2 weeks
2 tail docking methods
elastrator, hot "chisel"
At what age are s/g disbudded?
best at 3 days of age
what method is used for disbudding s/g
hot iron used to burn tissue around horn buds
method for descenting bucks
use hot iron to burn two addtl holes .5" caudomedial to horn buds - destroys scent glands at base of horn
sheep parasite - hairy, blood-sucking, wingless fly, habitat: wool/skin, signs: irritation/anemia
Sheep Ked
sheep parasite that is a cysticercoid of a canine tapeworm, habitat: CNS of sheep, signs: giddiness/blindness/ataxia
Sheep Gidworm
describe sheep jugular blood draw
tip up, lay head to side, hold off vein w/ one hand and stick w/ other
describe goat jugular draw
straddle back and stretch head up to expose vein
locations for s/g IM injections
inside of thigh or tricep area
locations for SQ injections on s/g
Adults - high on neck or behind shoulder, young - neck/brisket area
Area for percutaneous inj on s/g - what used for?
wooless area under tail or inside ear, used for Contagious ecthyma
location of intraperitoneal inj on s/g - what used for?
caudal midline on abdomen - used to rehydrate sick lambs