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What is the gene pool?
The collection of all the genes in a specific population.
What is the founder effect?
The difference in genetic frequencies between a small breakway population and the original population.
What is stabilizing selection?
A process whereby nature selects for intermediate phenotypes.
What is sexual selection?
A process whereby nature selects based entirely on traits used only for reproduction and not for survival.
What is natural selection?
Nature selects organisms for reproduction that are fit to survive.
What is genetic drift?
The random change of genotype frequencies.
What is gene flow?
The altering of genetic frequencies by the introduction of specimens from another population.
What is diversifying selection?
A process whereby nature selects for extreme phenotypes.
What is directional selection?
A process whereby nature prefers one allele over another. Can lead to the elimination of an allele over time.
a distinct form of a gene:usually two per trait(one from each parent)
Dihybrid Cross
a cross that involves two pairs of genetic traits
a section of DNA on a chromosome that codes for a trait
Gene Pool
The available alleles in one's environment
Genetic Drift
a change in the Gene Pool due to random mating, no immigration of males, no emigration of females, long periods of time
Monohybrid Cross
a cross that involes only one pair of genetic traits
What are the effects of inbreeding?
Increase in homozygous offspring.
What are the five main causes of microevolution?
Genetic drift, gene flow, mutation, nonrandom mating, and natural selection.