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puncture repair
Uses repair clamp

Covers hole in pipeline small enought to not need pipe section to be replaced
valve pit repair
can be in crater or bypass , Butterfly valves included so fuel can be controlled or diverted
end cap repair
Isolates one end of a pipe - quick loop repair
bypass repair 4,6,8 in
pipeline repair 1 hr 45 req 3 personnel for safety
bypass repair 10in 12in
2hours , req 3 personel for safety
grease traps
prevent fats oils and greases from entering wastewater disposal BEDS
urine soakage pit
4x4x4 filled with stone and fine gravel , vent pipe in corner
oxidation lagoon
Used where natural drainage exists
Retention time 20 120 days
2in min prevent plant growth
evaporation lagoon
Used where wastewater discharge is impossible , LAST RESORT(large construct req)
septic tank
Reduces most solids into liquids , uses baffle boards to reduce agitation

Inlet 3" above outlet
mound latrine
Used when high ground water level or rock formation near ground prevents digging of deep pit

6 wide 12 long
Lift stations
Used where gravity flow not possible ,has pumps and chopping devices to grind material into slush
conveys waste from disposal devices to a soakage pit or lagoon , 4 in pipe the best

slope on main 1' per 100 ft
slope on lateral no less than 2' per second and no more trhan 10' per second flowing
In- Crater repair 4,6,8
pipeline repair 45min
In Crater Repair 10,12
pipeline repair 1hr
Vertical Improved Pit (VIP) latrine
BEST method for human waste disposal absence of sewage system No odors

supports 270
Straddle Trench Latrine
Sprayed TWICE a WEEK prevent flies , uses a canvas for privacy
serves 100 ppl
How large is a Straddle trench latrine
1x2.5x4 in
Deep Pit Latrine
Use for PROLONGED stay sufficient for 50 ppl , the 4 seater !,

Sprayed TWICE a WEEK
how large is a Deep Pit Latrine
2 x 7 1/2 ' long pit
Burnout Latrine
used on hard / frozen rocky soil
55 gallon drum
Burns remaining waste
Pail latrine
Used in MARSHES or rocky soil
serves unlimited amount of ppl
Standard box type