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Who were the two ultranationalists?

Hirohito and Tojo

- believed in the glory of Japan

- wanted empires equal to others

- withdrew from League of Nations

What was the first place Italy conquered?


Define 'appeasement'

giving into the demands of an aggressor to keep the peace

What was appeasement and neutrality?

Europe was against war

Austria vs Germany

No real fighting, gov ok with that.

Did it in the name of “maintaining order,”

Still violating Treaty of Versailles

Austria vs Czechoslovakia

3 million Germans there

thought if there are Germans there, needed to be part of Germany

Munich Conference 1938 → gave him Sudetenland under appeasement

Who was Neville Chamberlain

“Peace for our time”

After Munich Conference he says everything is ok

Nazi-Soviet pact

Hitler made pact with #1 Communist (Stalin) to not fight→ will divide Poland evenly when they take over it

Fear each other

Invasion of Poland

A week after Nazi-Soviet Pact

Germany now has Poland, Austria & Czechoslovakia

Locarno treaties in Switzerland

Settled Germany’s disputed borders with France, Belgium, Czechoslovakia, Poland - symbol of new era of peace

Kellogg-Briand Pact

renounced war as an instrument of foreign policy

Classical Economics

Leaving the economy alone

Hoover went by this

Keynesian Economics

Made by John Keynes. Government is involved in economy.

If the gov waits, more people lose jobs and more businesses go out of business. People like this idea

FDR went by this.

Totalitarian states

- Dictatorship that attempts to control every aspect of the lives of citizens


a powerful government that rules by force with no communist ideas. Policies are valued over the individual. Destructive to basic human rights



Italian Dictator (Il Duce)

Fascist party

Symbol for Fascism

Ancient roman symbol of a bundle of sticks wrapped around an axe

Black shirts

organized military group. Used violence

Agreement with Pope Pius

Got papal support in exchange for his recognition of Vatican City as an independent state

Weimar Republic

Parliamentary system led by a chancellor (prime minister)

Why was Hitler sent to prison

Tries to lead a coup in Munich

What was Hitlers book?

Mein Kampf (My Struggle)

basic book of Nazi goals and ideology

First Reich

medieval Holy Roman Empire

Second Reich

Empire forged by Bismarck in 1871

Third Reich

Germany under Hitler...boasted it would last 1000 years...under a German master race