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Joseph Stalin
entered into a pact with Germany in 1934
Benito Mussolini
supported government ownership of property
Japan's miitarists
forced Japan to become China's ally
Francisco Franco
won the battle of Britain
Germany's 1st target in 1938
officially neutral althjough it sent arms and supplies to Britain after the start of the war in Europe
built an empire through expansion in Asia and the Pacific
built the Maginot Line, a series of fortifications alon part of its northern border
was invaded in September 1939 - the nations of Europe united against Germany
military strategy og "lightening war" first used by Poland
policy toward Germany-taken by Britain and France by signing the Munich Pact
non aggression pact
Germany and the Soviet Union agreed to his prior to the invasion of Poland
German Air Force
Germany wanted this to accommodate the needs of the German population
Hideki Tojo
Japanese Prime Minister who ordered the Japanese navy to prepare for attack on the US
Congress boosted defense spending and created the first peacetime_________ in US History
Germany, Italy and Japan
Axis powers
this allowed the president to lend or lease arms and supplies to any country whose defense was vital to the US
Lend- Lease Act
invaded by Germany in spite of the peace treaty signed
Soviet Union
Japanese surprise attack
Pearl Harbor
traditional leader of Japan and considered devine
partly occupied by the Germans and partly by Nazi Vichy government
thousands of British troops were evacutated from here to avoid capture by the Germans
US, Britain, France, Soviet Union
code name for the atomic bomb program
Manhattan Project
created by Congress to fight the threat of inflation during the war
office of Price Administration
expanded the draft
Selective Service Act
method used to decrease the use of scarece and essential wartime goods
day marking the end of the war in Europe
V-E Day
general who commanded Opertion Overlord - Allied invasion of Europe
Dwight D. Eisenhower
day marking the invasion of Nazi-controlled Europe
D- Day
`code name for the invasion of Axis -controlled North Africa
Operation Torch
convoys, sonar, and radar helped the Allies wim this battle
Battle of Britain
the gneral that led the American troops that liberated Paris from German occupation
George Patton
initial success of thie German offensive battle was due mainly to the Allies being caught off-guard
Battle of the buldge
The RAF held off the Luftwaft and saved an island nation
Battle of Britain
winter helped defeat the Germans in this eastern fron battle
Battle of Stalingrad
commanded the Allied froces in the Phillipines in Dec. 1941
Douglas MacArthur
Manhattan Project
plan to develop the atomic bomb
nation defeated at the Battle of Midway after its plans of an attack were intercepted
United States
U.S. dropped the atomic bomb
Hiroshima and Nagasaki
defendants at the Nuremburg trials
Soviet occupants of Eastern European countries
organized a march on Washington on July 1, 1941
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Battle of the Buldge marked
last German offensive
Allies first landed in Europe in
Guidelines for treatment of prisoners of war were spelled out in
Geneva Convention
who made the vow "I shall return"
Douglas MacArthur
Nisei, living on the west coast, was subjected to _______ during the war
At the conclusion of WWII, the Soviet Union
remained in Eastern Europe and installed communist governments & controlled the eastern part of Germany while the US controlled the western part
countries with concentration camps
Soviet Union,
mastermind behind the strategy of Battle of Midway
Fought the British in North Africa
Led the air raid on Tokyo early in the Pacific War
was successful militarily during the war and politically after the war
this person worked in the factory - helped the military with supplies to succeed
Rosie the Riveter