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What must rum be made of?

Distillers can use which two products when making rum?

Sugar cane juice or molasses.

How is sugar cane juice made?
It is crushed to release the juice.
How is molasses made?
Sugar cane is boiled down to crystallize the sugar for the sugar industry. What remains is the molasses.
What are esters?

A group of congeners created during fermentation.

How can esters be increased?

Letting the fermentation go on up for a fortnight. Also can be increased by dunder.

What is dunder?

The non- alcoholic residue left at the bottom of the still.

What is the distillation strength of rum in the EU?


What is the distillation strength of rum in the US?
What do some distillers use with their pot stills?

Retorts- allow a distiller to produce a mark in one distillation/ also flavor creators.

Is it possible to make a spirit using just one distillation when using retorts?


What else to retorts help distillers create?
Extra flavors.
Are all column still rums distilled to a high strength?


Where do most of the barrels used to mature rum come from?

Bourbon industry.
Which type of mark (light or heavy) can typically be aged for longer?


Are some brands created by blending rums from different islands and distilleries?

What are retorts?

Separate copper vessels placed between the pot still and condenser that contain liquids, most commonly the high and low wines from the previous distillation.

Explain light marks.
Fermentation will be quick and the distiller will only want to create a small number of congeners. They will be light bodied, highly rectified spirit with light flavors and aromas.
Explain heavy marks.

Create fuller flavored rums- 2 ways:

1.) Can use cultured yeast- produces more flavor and allows the ferment to run for longer so that the flavors have more time to develop.

2.) Dunder- less common and more of specialty/ retains high amount of congeners/ using pot still/ retorts attached.

What are common cleans?

(Delicate and slightly floral.) Lowest ester rums containing between 80- 150 esters.
Define plummers.

(Light tropical fruits.) Have slightly higher concentration of around 150- 200 esters.

Define Wedderburn.

(Fuller, deeper fruit, more body with increased pungency and lift.) Contains 200 plus esters.
What are Continental flavored or high esters?

At the top of the scale between 500- 1700 esters. When neat, these are the most pungent of all, but when diluted the nose burning intensity is replaced with concentrated aromas of pineapple and banana.
Not all white rums are unaged. What technique is used to remove the color added during maturation?

Charcoal filtration.

What is the name that is often given to the style of white rum that is particularly light in character?
Latin America.
All are white rums made in this style?

All golden rums typically oak aged?


What are the two important sources of color for dark rums?

1.) Oak

2.) Caramel

What is the Rhum Agricole made from?

Sugar cane juice.

Where can sugar cane juice for Rhum Agricole be made?

In French overseas departments.
What are the two factors that result in unaged Rhums Agricoles typically having a pronounced flavor intensity?

1.) Sugar cane juice

2.) The low strength of the new make spirit.

What is Cachaca made from?

Sugar cane juice.
Where is sugar cane juice for Cachaca made?

Cachaca is made in a lighter and more pronounced style. Can Cachaca be sold unaged and aged?

Can Cachaca be sweetened?