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Bravado (n)

bre va do
false bravery; showy display of courage; macho man

There are many revolutionary bravado people in Tibet.

se nop sis
a short summary

col la be rate
to work together

We always collaborate in class.

sek gre gat
to separate

In 1947, India segregate into two countries, one is India and the other was paskistan.

dis spra ris
to scatter; to distribute widely; different way

In 1957, Red Chinese disperse in all over the Tibet.
compatible (adj)

com pati ble
harmonious; living in harmony

In summer, the beach is the only place of compatible for summer joy.
congregate (v)

con gra gate
to meet; to assemble
ko hir ant
logical; consistent; clearly reasoned
Cliche (n)

cli shai
an overused, trite expression

Yang always tell his kids to learn reading is"the more you read, the more u learn"

con cur
to agree

ko sin
a style of food or cooking

In a developed country, there are so many clean cuisine in the cities.

dis repu ta ble
not respectable; having a bad reputation

The tobbaco companies are very disreputable in our community.
nidar (adj)

ne dar
lowest point

In the hindu cast system, the shoemakers are the nidar people in the society.
contemporary (n,adj)

con tem pa rary
a person living during the same time period as another person

My friends are contemporary living in Nicollet apartments.

in ter spa ris
to scatter here and there; to distribute among other things; mix it up together

If your carrry a open bottle of milk in truck; After few miles your milk bottle will intersperse over your seats and floor.

sin the sis
something made from combined parts;the making of something bye combing parts


gra ga rious
sociable; fond of company, seeking and enjoying the company

I am gregarious person, I love my friends company.

sne drom
a group of symptoms that indicates a disease or disorder

spa ris
thinly scattered or distributed; meager, occuring, growing

One small drops of snites will quickly sparse in your body and you will die within a two second.

dis cod
strife; lack of agreement, not getting along

The debates in United States, President discord about the war to go or to stop.

com mu nal
referring to a community or to joint ownership

Tibetan communal has two organization.
charisma (n)

kei ris ma
quality of leadership that attracts other people

Martin Luther King was charisma person, he brought all the black communities together.
dis spa ri ty
inequality; difference

Rich people disparity shows to poor people by their living standard.
Zenith (adj)

ze nith
highest point

In the Hindu cast system, the zenith people are bramans.