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ingenious (adjective)

in jen y s
def. clever;inventive

The reason why he is in our class in that age is because he is ingenious.
inevitable (adjective)

in ev i t b l
def.1.impossible to avoid or prevent 2.predictable

He now faces an inevitable problem.
revelation (noun)

rev la sh n
def. dramatic disclosure; surpring news

Everyone was afraid after his revelation.
invariably (adverb)

in var e ble
def. consistently;always

My alarm clock invariably rings at 6 in the moring.
antidote (noun)

an ti dot
def.1.a substance that acts against a poison 2.something that acts against a harmful effect

Exercise is an antidote to stop smoking.
effete (adjective)

i fet
def.1.depleted of vitality or effectiveness;exhausted 2.marked by self-in-dulgence or triviality

After six games of soccer, I felt like an effete granpa.
interminable (adjective)

in tur m n b l
def. endless;too long

That minister's sermon seems like interminable.
devour (verb)

di vour eat up greedily destroy,consume,or waste take in eagerly prey upon voraciously;engulf

Because of his hunger, he devoured those foods.
equivocal (adjective)

i kwiv k l to different interpretions, often misleading or avoiding the truth 2.doubtful

Whenever I hear his equivocal theory, I feel strange.
emulate (verb)

em y lat
def. to strive to equal or excel,esp through imitation

He emulates his father in scholarship.
equitable (adjective)

ek wi t b l
def. fair; just

Do you think that the referee was equitable?
discern (verb)

di surn, zurn detector perceive with the eyes or intellect perceive the distinctions of;discriminate

He could discern her sadness in both way.
autobiography (noun)

o to bi og r fe
def. account of a person's life written by that person

2 days before he died, he finished his autobiography.
autocratic (adjective)

o t kra t k
def. having absolute power; domaineering

He tried to be a autocratic master at the company, but nobody followed him.
reconcile (verb)

rek n sil
def. to bring to peace, agreement, or understanding

I tried hard to reconcile my mind and body.
revert (verb)

ri vurt
def. to return to a former practice or condition

After 3 months that I went to the hospital, I could revert to the normal life.
subconscious (adjective,noun)

sub kon sh s
def.1.adj.not aware(or conscious)in the mind 2.n.the part of the mind that is beneath awareness

She looks like she always have a subconscious.
exploit (verb, noun)

(verb) ik sploit

(noun) eks ploit take advantage of;to use 2.n.great adventure;great deed

He was trying to be a friend with Tom, whose father is an admiral in the army, because he wanted to exploit him to not to go to the army.
antithesis (noun)

an tith i sis
def. contrast; opposite

Angel is the antithesis of devil.
subordinate (adj,n,v)

(adj,n) s bor d nit

(verb) s bor d nat
def.1.adj.less important;of lower rank 2.n.a person of lower rank or importance place in a lower or less important position

After deceiving people, he only could get subordinate positions at work.
incongruous (adjective)

in kong groo s
def. out of place;not consistent or in harmony

That couple looks incongruous,but they've been going out for 5 years.
subdue (verb)

s b doo conquer or bring under control make less intense or noticeable

I couldn't subdue my feeling after my friends killed.
equilibrium (noun)

e kw lib re- m
def. balance between forces; stability

An equilibrium between demand and supply makes the company stable.
eccentric (adjective)

ek sen trik
def. odd;different from normal or usual

His idea was so eccentric for everybody, so it was hard to understand by normal brain.
impartial (adjective)

im par sh l
def. fair;just;not biased

If I am not impartial in this case, I'll lose both of them.
exorbitant (adjective)

ig zor bi t nt
def. expensive;unreasonable;exceeding proper limits

Fraud tried to ripped us off with exorbitant priced TV.
antipathy (noun)

an ti p the
def.great hatred, opposition, or disgust

Our team had an antipathy towawrd other team.
autonomous (adjective)

o ton m s
def. self-govening; independent

She was so autonomous, so no one worried about her.
extricate (verb)

ek stri kat
def. to free from difficulty; to distangle

After the final exam, he felt extricate from the hell.