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creed (n)
set of beliefs or principles

The Buddhist's creed states,"never harm sension being."
credibility (n)
kred e bil i te
believability; ability to be trusted

He had dermined his credility by telling the truth with the proof.
defiant (adj)
di fi ent
refusing to follow orders or rules; resisting boldly

All of the workers defiant the new laws of the company. They stop coming to work.
incredulity (n)

inkri doo li te
disbelief; amazement
fiduciary (adj,n)
fi doo she er e
pertaining to money or property held for one person (or several people)by others (adj)

Back in Indian school hostel my fiuciary person was my warden.
veritable (adj)
ver i te bel
unquestionable; being truly so; almost; nearly; very similar to

claustrophobia (n)
klo stre fo be a
fear of closed or small spaces
verify (v)

ver e fi
to determine the truth or accuracy of; to confirm

It's very hard to verify that I am an Indian citizen.
acrophobia (n)
ak re fo be a
fear of heights
fidelity (n)
fi del i te
faithfulness to obligation or duty; exactness, accuracy

By working for three years, she saved her money in bank to showed her fidelity to her children's future college education.
Xenophobia (n)
zen e fo be a
fear or hatred of foreigners or foreign things
veracity (n)
ve ras i te
truth; accuracy

the veracity of the women is not the beauty of women; Its in inside of their body.