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wounds related to changes in vessels
1. Arterial(ischemic)
2. Venous
3. Lymphatic
Wounds related to neuropathy
1. Diabetic
2 Alcoholic
Wounds related to trauma and surgery
1. Origanlly clean surgical wounds
2. Specialized surgical wounds
Other Types of wounds
Anorectal fistula
infection related
oral cavity
hypergranulation and keloids
Component of Multidisciplinary wound management program
1.Prevention 2. Diagnostic 3. Classification 4. Policies and procedures 5. Formularies 6. Protocols 7. Documentation of prevention assesssment and treatment. 8. Follow up 9. Quality indicators 10. Research 11. Education
Which of the following activities is reflective if a wound care specialist operating in a consultant capacity within an institution?
Establish protocols for pressure ulcer risk reduction bsed on level of risk.
When inplementing a new process for PU risk reduction, you plan to meet with several staff nurses to discuss what is currently being done, discuss the current national standards, and present the advantages of the new process. According to Rogers' innovation- decision process, which stage does this reflect? pg 21
Knowledge stage
what is prevalence
number of days/number of persons in target population at a particular point in time
what is cumlative incidence
number of persons who develop the condition(ex PU)/number of persons in the pop. at the beginning of the time period.
Incidence Density
Number of persons developing the condition(ex PU)/Total time(patient days or years) they were free of the condition or observed
strength of evidence from lowest to highest
level one-expert opinion
level five-more than one randomized controlled trials.
CMS Term: Avoidable Pressure Ulcer definition
The resident developed a PU and the facility did nt do one or more of the following:
1.Evaluate the resident's clinical condition and PU risk factors
2. Define and inplement interventions that are consistent with resident needs, goals, and recgnized standards of practice
3. Monitor and evaluate the impact of interventions
4. revise interventions as appropriate
what is true if incidence density?
expressed in terms of person/time units
When a long term care facility specalizes in wound management, which of the following measures can be anticipated to be hgher than the national average?
wound management defined
comprehensive, holistic care of the patient in such a manner that all factors contritubing to and affecting the wound and the patient are addressed. Typically a physician oversees this level of care.
Wound care defined
focused on local or topical care of the wound.
a body of knowledge or branch of learning characterized by an accepted content and learning.
collaboration among different disciplines. Intnded t produce outcomes that cannot be achieved without collaboration.