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Why would the United States need colonies?
Sell goods - surplus
Buy raw materials
Why were journalists considered responsible for our entrance into the Spanish-
American War?
Hearst and Pulitzer used
sensationalism to exaggerate
Spanish atrocities agains the Cubans
The sinking of two ships in two different situations were responsible for our entrance into two different wars. Describe each situation.
The U.S.S. Maine and the Lusitania
Explain what militarism means
A build-up of weapons and manpower in case of attack or to wage war
Who was Stephen Mahan and why is he important to United States history?
He recommended a build up of the Navy, acquiring Hawaii, the building of the Panama Canal, and adding military bases in the Pacific and the Caribbean
Describe one incident that led to the Spanish-American War
The U.S.S. Maine was sunk in Havana harbor in Cuba
Explain "nationalism" in terms that relate to you. In other words, give an analogy
the class would understand
Ex. South Meck providing laptops for only their students, CMS suffers
NFL draft - Panthers get first
10 picks, good for NFL?
How would you criticize the United States for the way they acquired the rights to build the Panama Canal?
We intervened in an internal
matter in Panama, supporting a revolution that was between the Panamanians and the country of Columbia
Who am I? I was President when we entered WWI.
Woodrow Wilson
Who am I? I was hard to catch in the Phiippines when General Pershing came after me with 15,000 men.
Pancho Villa
Give a personal example of an alliance and relate that to the situation that evolved into WWI
Fight for a friend...
Who was De Lome and how did he get Americans ready for war against Spain?
He wrote a letter criticizing McKinley that was printed in the newspaper
Wilson wanted to be elected on the slogan that he was the president who kept us out of war. How was that ironic?
He was elected in 1916 and we entered WWI in 1917