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Define AWOL

Absence Without Leave

Define MIA

Missing In Action

Define POW

Prisoner Of War

Define DWM

Dead, wounded or missing

Name: A ship carrying munitions involved in the Halifax Explosion

Mont Blanc

Name: A Belgian relief ship involved in the Halifax Explosion


Define: Volunteers

Men who signed up for war of their own free will

Define: MASH

Mobile Army Surgical Hospital

Define: Armistice

Cease fire

Define: Conscription

To be registered to go to war against your own free will

Name 2 types of poison gas

1. Chlorine Gas

2. Mustard Gas

What was the land in between the trenches referred to as?

No man's land

What constitutes as a "casualty"?

Wounded or killed in battle

Define: Cartwheel crucifixion

Punishment; tied to wheel of a canon and abandoned for a number of days

Name the day set aside to remember and recognize all of Canada's soldiers who have fought in war.

Nov. 11th, Remembrance Day

Define: Arsenal

Storage of weapons

What was the goal of the League Of Nations?

To be a "world police force". Created after WW1 to prevent future wars. Unsuccessful.

Explain when WW1 was triggered and what triggered it.

When: June 28th, 1914 (war actually began on July 1st)

What: Archduke Francis Ferdinand's assasination

How many nations were involved in WW1?


Name the 4 central combatting powers in WW1.

1. Germany

2. Austria-Hungary

3. Turkey

4. Bulgaria

Name the 3 countries in the Triple Entente.

France, Russia, Britain

Name the 3 countries in the Triple Alliance.

Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy

Name 4 ways that WW1 helped Canada's economy flourish.

1. Railroad construction

2. Increased jobs/industrialism

3. Busier seaports

4. Production of war materials

Canada transitioned from agricultural country to industrial country.

Name 6 ways that Canada helped overseas providing war materials and soldiers.

1. Canadian Railway Corp helped build railways in Europe

2. Canadian Forestry Corp supplied 75% of all timbers

3. Canadian Army Med Corp supplied 100s of docs, nurses, medics, MASH's

4. Atlantic Coastal Patrol sent 5000 men to protect British Tradelines

5. Canadian Royal Flying Corp trained allied pilots, supplied 1/3 of all pilots

6. Canadian Army Corp 628 000 volunteered, 424 000 served overseas, 60 000 never returned.

What is clemency?

Pardon or forgiveness

How many casualties were taken at the capture of Pashendale?

240 000

How many casualties were taken at the capture of Regina Ridge?

24 000

How many tons of shells does the Belgian bomb squad find every year?

150 tons

What happened to Captain Papineau?

Died at Pashendale

What happened if you fell off the duck boards at Pashendale?

Drown in the mud

Define: Green Troops

New troops. Never been on the battlefield before

What is the highest award for valor?

The Victoria Cross

Name the 4 Empires that were involved and dissolved in WW1.

1. Ottoman Empire: New: Turkey

2. Russian Empire: New countries: Latvia, Poland, Estonia, Lithuania.

3. British Empire: New: Ireland

4. Austria Hungarian Empire: New: Austria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia.

List the countries and empires that were part of Europe in 1914 that no longer existed in 1919 (after the war). There are 5.

1. Austria-Hungary

2. Russian Empire

3. Ottoman Empire

4. Serbia

5. Montenegro

On what day and time did the Halifax Explosion occur?

Dec. 6th, 1917, 9am

When was the armistice signed?

Nov 11, 1918

Who instated the "Fourteen Points" for world peace?

Woodrow Wilson

Explain why the League Of Nations failed.

- USA did not join

-Russia was not invited because it was communist

-No military force (no power)

What was the function of the Imperial War Cabinet?

Deciding body @ the peace conference

Explain "total war"

Everyone is involved. Most major power countries involved their civilians, their militia, whoever they could recruit.

What were some negative effects of total war?

Poverty, recession, i bet theres more but I really cant remember. am I the only one reading these? i am getting lonely

How did WW1 effect the demographic of the population?

Lesbians (

How did WW1 impact the role of women in Canada?

They had to take the mens jobs