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What is daylight savings time?
Congress adopted this time to gain an extra hour of daylight and save tons of fuel needed for the war. 1918
Describe trenches, and their part in World War I.
Trenches were long ditches that protected soldiers from enemy bullets. Soldiers lived in these for months at a time.
When did World War I start in Europe?
August, 1914
When did Germany surrender?
November 11, 1918
Who sold the Virgin Islands to the United States and why?
Denmark sold the Virgin Islands for $25 million dollars to protect American shipping and the Panama Canal. A navy base was built there.
How did the United States help the Allies before they entered the war?
They shipped weapons, and food to the Allies on passenger ships, and commercial transports.
Who was the United States President when the U.S. entered World War I?
Woodrow Wilson
What changes were made to aircraft during the war?
They were made lighter and easier to handle.
What is an armistice?
An agreement to stop fighting.
Why did the United States enter the war in Europe?
Without warning German U-boats sunk passenger ships that were carrying supplies to the Allies.
What countries made up the Allied Powers?
Great Britain, France, Italy, Belgium, and Russia. United States sympathized with them and joined them in 1917.
What difference did machine guns make in World War I?
Bullets from machine guns hit dozens of soldiers at a time.
What countries made up the Central Powers?
Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Turkey were the leading countries.
What is the League of Nations?
The first organization of countries designed to prevent future wars.
What consequences did the Treaty of Versailles place on Germany?
It took away Germany's colonies, redrew its national borders,and demanded Germany pay heavy fines to the Allied Powers.
When did the United States enter World War I?
April 16, 1917
What is the Treaty of Versailles?
The Allied Powers met at Versailles and created a peace agreement that placed responsibility for the war on Germany.
How were aircraft used in World War I?
They carried bombs and could see the enemy more clearly.
What new weapon showed advances in technology for this war?
The use of aircraft
How did people on the "Home Front" respond to the scarcity of food to help the war effort?
Wheatless Mondays, and Meatless Tuesdays
What was the Lusitania?
A British passenger ship sailing from New York that was sunk by a German U-boat killing 1,198 passengers -- 128 were U.S. Citizens.
Why were gas masks necessary?
If a soldier failed to wear a gas mask, he could be burned or blinded by poisonous mustard gas.
Since men went to fight the war, who could work in the weapons factories?
Jobs that had been closed to women and African Americans became available to them for the first time.