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William II
became Kaiser in 1888
Entente cordiale
friendly alliance between France and Britain; promoted cooperation nations
unbridled nationalism
people - countries who took different sides in the war
Franz Ferdinand
WWI began with his assassination, archduke of Austria
ideas, facts, rumors spread to further one's cause
airplanes tried to shoot each other down
no one can advance or win
Australia New Zealand Army Corps
a stalemate war, slow wearing-down process rather than a quick military victory
These people were slaughtered by otooman turks in WWI
Nicolas II
(Czar)unable to stop the riots because soldiers joined in the riots
Nikolai Lenin was the leader of the Bolsheviks
moderate socialists (majority)
Woodrow Wilson
Represented the U.S. (also president)
Georges Clemenceau
The leader of the French Delegation
David Lloyd-George
British Delegate
Mandates are territories technically under control of the league of nations
Reasons for fear..?
1)Some hated europian future.
2)Extreme Nationalism
Central Powers (who?)
Germany, Austria-Hungury, Bulgaria, and the Ottoman Empire (turks)
Allied Powers
England, France, and Russia
Describe no mands land
no mans land was between the trenches, filled with barbed wire and on eiter side were machine guns
all innovations of war
propaganda, airplanes, submarines, tanks, machine gune, trench warefare
Christmas in the trenches
Germans came to allied lines, traded with americans, played soccer sang songs
Gallilpoi-Why? Outcome?
Why = to open up Bosporus and Dardanells to supply rought. Outcome = 140,000 men killed/ wounded before allies gave up
Why U.S. enter war?
*Thought question*
Germans resume unristricted submarine warfare
Zimmerman Telegram
written by German foreign minister promising Mexico south western states of U.S. if mexico joins war agains America
All results of WWI
1)entire generation of young men wiped out. 2)economic devastation. 3)Desire for revenge. 4) Nationalism
Why 14 points did not work
*thought question*
Wilson forgot to make his allies promise to phold the 14 points
Treaty of Versailles
treaty that endened WWI
Why Russia dropped out of WWI
dropped out due to the communist revolution
What happend to the royal family?
The entire family and servants were shot by revolutionaries
Purpose (2) of the league of nations
to guarantee international cooperation and peace - also to promote the right of colonial people people and to improve economic and social conditions around the world
war guilt clause?
placed all the blame of the war on Germans and its allies
treaty of severs
it dismantled the ottoman empire
Kellog-Briand pact
agreement that called upon the nations of the world to renounce the use of offensive war
Describe trench warfare AND how it affected Germany at the Battle of the Marne?
both sides dig long trenches, they were muddy, cold, dirty, and unhygienic. Barbed wire and machine guns made it impossible to advance enemy lines.
Describe 6 of wilsons 14 points and why they had no affect on the treaty of versailles.
1)no more secret treaties.2)freedom of the seas.3)reduce armaments.4)no more berriaers to trade.6)establish a "general association ofprotection for all nations"
Describe in detail all the results of the war and how the treaty may have contributed to WWII
1)generation of young men wiped out. 2)economic devastation. 3)desire for revenge. 4)nationalism. The treaty may have contributed to WWII because it treated Germany unfairly, the other countries took away its colonies placed all blame on Germany, the treaty was so bad it would bankrupt Germany