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city state basic unit of greek gov
what do the yhe assemblites of the roman govt include?
Democratic, tribal assemblies elect tribunes, and trubunes make the laws
name natural barriers of greece
Low laying muntains, mediterrain sea and agean sea
what countries didi the punic wars include?
Rome vs Carthage (N.Africa)
Ehat were the 4 moderan day ideas the greek gave to us
Races(olyimps), Thearter and literature, Bulidings and architecture, and goverment
Describe the goverment of Greece?
Tyrant Oligrachy and democracy
ruled by the few
Decribe the law of greece
natural laws. law is ip to the person
1st philosopher
Decribe the Culture of Italy?
They worshipspirits. they brought about family and religion
How much of Rome did Pox Romana take up? How many people lived there?
3 million sq miles. 60-80 million people lived there
what do the Aristocratic part of the roman gov include?
rich male owners, 300 men, and serve 4 life. sente part of govt
where is rome geigraphly located?
on fertile farm land, midwat between alps and med sea, center of world
Decribe the religion of italy
Christanity and Polythesim
Why was 2nd Punic war fought?
for revenge and hannibal revernge
The loaw 4 italy is decribed as?
State over person, legal system, and court system
What was Pox Romana and how long did it last?
It was peace of Rome. It lasted 27BC to 180BC
Name the major Civilization of Italy?
Ebruscan and Romans
Where was rome founded and and year and by who?
Founded on the tiber River in 753 BC by Romulus and Remus Twin sons
Decribe the gov. of italy?
They had a republic empire
plato and constitution
plato-socrates student, constitution-plan 4 gov
Spartins and Atherns, Minoan and Myceans were major civilizattions of what country?
facts on alexander teh great
20 yrs old and tutored by aristole. pharahah in egypt, and phillip II king of macendoina
What is the Religon of Greece?
Polythesim. They worship Zues
3 classes of civilaiztions of Rome are?
Patricaians and plebians
what is the roman govt called? How many are elected and how long do they serve
Cousuls. 2 elected seves for 1 years
who wins the punic war?
The technology of greece is decribed as
Pottery making, math, medicine and sciences
Why was the 1st punic war fought?
for control of sicily
Decribe the technology of italy
Roads,medcine,glass and concrete
How long did punic war last?
23 years
What didi pox omana develope
education and economy
Whats the difference between Patricaians and Plebians
Patricaian were riochand Pleabians were every day citizens not so rich
the athens and spartans fought in what war?
the pelapensaian war
name a good and bad reason why low laying mountains and mediterrans sea was good or bad 4 greece?
-low laying mountains- Good 4 proection and bad 4 communication
-med sea-good for trade bad for navys
terrible oppressive ruler