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When did U.S. fears of communism increase?
When China became Communist
Who was Hitlers propaganda minister?
Joseph Goebbles
Who did Vladimir Putin of Russia use military force against to suppress rebellions
Who was the South African bishop who won the Nobel Prize in 1984
Desmond Tutu

What were the goals of the South African Union?

they wanted Pan-Africanism
Who was the U.S. senator responsible for the "Red Scare"?
Joseph McCarthy
What caused Britain and France to declare war on Germany in WW2?
when they invaded Poland they realized Germany wasn't trustworthy

Who was the Socialist president of France who nationalized the banks and industries?
Francois Mitterrand
The African National Congress called for an armed resistance against the gov after who was arrested? Why was he arrested?
Nelson Mandela; for speaking out against apartheid
What is the purpose of Propaganda
to influence public opinion for or against a cause
How did the Enabling Act allow Hitler to establish a totalitarian state?
It allowed him to ignore the Constitution for 4 years to "deal with the countrys problems"
Who founded the United Farm Workers Union?
Cesar Chavez
What did the Chinese communist do in order to fight the larger Nationalist army?

guerilla tactics
What as the turning point of the war in the Pacific
Battle of Midway Island, when U.S. planes destroyed 4 attacking Japanese aircraft carriers
What was the period of tension after WW2 called?

Cold War
When and why did Margret Thatcher resign?
when anti-tax riots broke out and her popularity was at an all time low
What was the relationship between warlords and landlords in China?

adversarial; Landlords were more on the peoples sides and the warlords had the support of the military
In 1998 war broke out in Serbia when they would not allow what area to exist as an autonomous province?


What did the Nazi's do when they felt the Einsatzgruppen was to slow?
They made concentration camps
What weakened Soviet economy during Brezhnev leadership?
central gov. planning had created a large bureaucracy that discouraged efficiency in industry; the inefficiency in agriculture
What happened when Slobodan Milosevic stripped Kosovo of its autonomy?

Some groups of ethnic Albanians founded the KLA; and began a campaign against Serbian rule in Kosovo. In efforts to crush the KLA, Serb forces began to massacre ethnic Albanians
What did the Council for Economic Assistance do?

rebuild prosperity and stability in Eastern Europe
Who waged war against Great Britain for control of the Falkland Islands?


What country improved its social system, like education but suspend elections?

El Salvador

What was the Bay of Pigs?

Where Kennedy approved a secret attack against Castro to happen that failed miserably
What was Blitzkreig? How did it plan to do what it did?
lightening fast attacks used by Germans in WW2
What is appeasement? How was it used in WW2?

satisfying demands of dissatisfied powers in an effort to maintain peace and stability. Hitler used it to rise to power by proving we weren't gonna do anything

What was the purpose of Stalin's 5 Year Plan?

set economic goals every 5 year period in hopes to transform Russia virtually overnight from agricultural to industrial

What was Gorbachev's most serious problem?

Which Civil War helped to contribute to tension between USSR and the US?

Who experienced the economic miracle and what was it?

West Germany; unemployment fell from 8% to .4%

Where did most of the leaders of newly independent African nations come from?

urban middle class and had studied in Europe or U.S.
Why did Chiang Kai-Shek not try to reform wealth distribution?
bc his support came from the country side and urban middle class and neither of them wanted land reforms

what was the purpose of the Marshall Plan?

designed to rebuild the prosperity and stability of war-torn Europe

What was decided at the Tehran conference?

they decided to defeat Germans first, then meet in Berlin

What was the area of northwestern Czech called that Hitler wanted?


What nation took 52 American hostages?


Who ordered the Shanghai Massacre?

Chian Kai-Shek

What do Fascist believe?

glorifying the state above the individual by emphasizing the need for a strong central gov. led by a dictorial ruler

What was the Treaty of Locarno?

guaranteed Germany's new Western borders
What was the first African nation to gain its independence from Britain?

Who was Hitlers minister of araments and munition
Albert Speer
What was the most heroic event of WW2?

When the Royal Navy and citizens in private boats evacuated 228,000 Allied troops (Battle of Durnik)

What was the leading factor that allowed many Germans to accept Hitler and the Nazi's?

Germanys economic difficulties; Hitler promised to help

Where were new oil reserves found in the 1970's
What is the Brezhnev Doctrine?

When Brezhnev insisted on the right of the Soviet Union to intervene if communism was threatened in another communist state

What did they agree on at the Yalta Conference?
United Nations; Stalin agreed free elections in future t determine a new gov. in Poland
How did Mussolini win over the Catholic Church?
He made new laws that gave the gov. the right to suspend any publications speaking bad about the Church; he formally organized the Church's state & so they claimed Italy; also gave them a large grant and recognized them as the sole religion of the state

what is totalitarianism?
a gov that aims to control the politica;, economical, social, intellectual, and cultural lives of its citizens
who did the sandinistas lose power to in th 90's?
they lost free elections to a coalition headed by Violeta Barrios de Chamorro
what was the Truman doctrine? what did it state?

stated the U.S. would provide money to countries threatened by communist expansion; how they responded to British withdraw the possibility of Soviet expansion into the Eastern Mediterranean
how did the French president Charles de Gaulle plan to make France a world power again?

he invested heavily in nuclear arms

what is Detent? when and how did it end

'a relaxation of tensions and improved relations between the 2 superpowers' it suffered a major setback in 1979 when the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan; the U.S. disapproved greatly and wouldn't participate in the Olympics
after what events did the U.S. break off relations with Cuba?
when the Castro regime began to receive aid from Soviet Union

why did the economies of many African nation suffer?

the price of major exports dropped and they had a poor balance of trade`
who founded solidarity?

Lech Walesa?

what was the Dawes plan? what was its purpose?

it was to coordinate Germany's annual payments with its ability to pay (originally to reduce reparations)
Who became the first black president of South Africa?

Jomo Kenyatta
What were the Nuremberg laws?

they excluded Jews from German citizenship. Jews were defined not by religion but by wether their grandparents were Jewish
What characterizes modern African Culture?

they kept their artistic traditions, yet have adapted them to foreign influences
what is pan-Africanism? Who promoted it?

the unity of all black Africans, regardless of national boundaries; it was promoted by Leopold Senghor, Julius Nyerene, Kwame Nkrumah, and Jomo Kenyatta

what happened on Jan 3, 1959?

Castro's revolutionaries seized Havana

where was che Guevara killed? by who?

Bolivia by the Bolivian army

What was the Mukden Incident?

When the Japanese cited a Chinese attack on a Japanese railway near the city of Mukden to justify them seizuring Manchuria
what communist nation remained independent of the soviet control?

Albania and Yugoslavia

What happened at the Postdam Conference?

Truman demanded free elections in Europe

Who led the Army on the Long March?

Mao Zedong

What was one of the first goals of the European Union?

establish a common European currency/Euro

How did Gorbachev attempt to reform Russia?

'perestroika' radical reforms
what country was heavily influenced by the drug cartels and cocaine production??
Why was the Berlin Wall built?

to separate West and East Germany in hopes to starve and kill of the East Germans
What was Kristallnacht

'the night of shattered glass' when Nazi's burned synagauges and destroyed 7thousand Jewish businesses in a destructive rampage against the Jews
Who overthrew the gov of Nicaragua, just to lose to free elections?


What was the 'New Life Movement'

promoted Confucian values and rejected what was seen as excessive individualism and materialism of Western Capitalism

who was in office in the U.S. during the Bay of Pigs and Cuban Missle Crisis?


Who did Mao feel would drive the Chinese revolution?

peasants/middle class

what was Eitsatzengruppen and what was their purpose

they were given the job of being mobile killing units; their purpose was to kill all Jews fast
who administered the Final Solution

Reinhard Heydrich

Who were the original members of NATO
Belgium, luxemborg, france, Netherlands, Britain, Italy, Denmark, Norway, Portugal, Iceland, U.S.,
the british struggled to control which 2 groups
catholics and protestants
what country was dominated by the PRI the Institutional Revolutionary Party?


Where is AIDS most prevalent in the world? what is AIDS?

Africa- its a fatal disease that starts off as HIV that is caused by exchanging bodily fluids


gorbachev's plan to reform the Soviet Union by reconstructing its economy
who did castro overthrow in Cuba

Fulgencio Batista


committee that became the leading policy-making body of the communist party in Russia

what communist leader initiated the Prauge Spring

Alexander Dubcek

compare and contrast hitler, Mussolini, and stalin

stalin and hitler are very alike. the only things they don't have in common is their hatred for eachother. Mussolini cant really be compared to the 2, he was more worried about nationalism

what dictators were in power during the great depression

hitler, stalin, mussolini
what motivated attack on foreigners in Germany in the 90s

Germans felt foreigners were taking their jobs

who was Franscico Franco? what did he do for his country?

led Spanish military forces; he revolted against democratic gov in 1963
what happened dec 2, 1947

pearl harbor

why did Germany lose battle of stalingrad

soviets launched a counter attack

what is holocaust

mass murder of jews by Nazi's 1941-1945

who were the members of the warsaw pact

soviet union, Albania, Bulgaria, czech., east Germany, hungary, Poland, romania


relaxation of tensions and improved relations between the 2 super powers

who was the first leader of Ghana after its independence

Kwame Nkrumah
what happened in Rwanda`

Rwanda genocide hutu vs. tutsi

who was the Tanzania president who pushed for pan-africanism
Julius nyere
who ruled using terror in the 1970's

Idi Amin

in what country was the African national congress formed?

south africa