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Reign of Terror

Began in 1792 when Louis xvi was executed by a mob.

Robespierre took over nicknamed the incorruptible. anyone accused of being enemy was guillotined. 3,000 executed 40,000 total dyed in paris.

To establish order built on reason national convention had a dechristianization policy.

100 Years War

France and England fought over the English claim to land in France.

It was fought almost entirely on French soil.Also the time of Joan of Arc. France won. This war finalized nationalism and spurred on feudalisms demise.

95 Thesis

Written by Martin Luther

Created uproar when nailed to church door at Wittenburg

on October 31. Theses challenged the teachings on the roman catholic church on three main points: Sola Fide, Sola Scriptura, and Priesthood of all Believers

Thousands of copies were printed thanks to printing press.

The posting of 95 theses seen as beginning of reformation.

Second of Newton's three laws of motion
Action- Reaction
Third of Newton's three laws of motion
Adam Smith

Fought for economic liberty

Known as the father capitalism/free trade

Developed three natural laws of economics: self-interest, competition, and supply and demand.

Laws explained his book The Wealth of Nations

Anne Boleyn

Second wife of Henry VIII

Gave Birth to Elizabeth

Was beheaded

Name given to someone studying under a master to learn a trade

The most influential Christian author

His theology had a huge effect on both catholics and protestants. Wrote: Confessions- His Testimony and City of God- Which contrasted worldy kingdoms with God's Kingdom

Bastille Day

Celebrated on July 14

Was considered start of the French Revolution

Mob stormed the Bastille (prison) looking for guns and ammunition. Army open fired on crowd. Only seven prisoners were there.

Battle of Hastings
William the Conqueror beat Harold Godwinson in 1066 and soon established a centralized government
Battle of Tours
Charles Martel the Frank stoped muslims from making headway into Europe in 732 A.D. at this battle
Ben Franklin
Discovered electricity
Black Death/ Bubonic Plague

Contributed to the fall of Feudal Life

1/3 of Europe's population died within 5 years (25 million)

Whole manors disappeared workers were scarce

The bacterium was spread by fleas with the help of animals like the black rat.


The middle class during French revolution

(bankers, merchants lawyers, doctors, journalist etc.)

Written by Voltaire