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Flooded fields that produce most of the food (mainly rice) consumed by the SE Asia region's large population.
What is a Paddy? (500)
Small (2.5 acre) farm plots of SE Asia which require humid-tropical or sub-tropical weather and are flooded with water to grow rice.
Commercial farming of seas and ponds in SE Asia yeilding seafood, shellfish, and gamefish.
What is Aquaculture? (500)
Includes large fishing fleets of Taiwan and S. which endanger supplies due to overfishing.
Southeast Asian countries that have experienced rapid economic growth. They include Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, & Indonesia.
What are (NICS) Newly Industrialized Countries?
Their growth was fueled by Japanese investors and industries seeking lower labor and land costs.
Simple pictures of the objects and ideas they represent.
What are Pictograms? (502)
Ex. Chinese characters for mountain or tree reflect the physical geography of China; symbols resembling the objects they represent.
A religion that is practiced primarily in Asia and whose followers seek enlightenment through meditation.
What is Buddhism? (503)
Religion founded in India around 500B.C. by a teacher called the______ or "Enlightened One". Its followers seek enlightenment through meditation
(deep thought).
A religion practiced mainly in East Asia whose main idea is to live a simple life close to nature.
What is Taoism? (503)
Its founder Lao-Tzu in China (6th C.) taught that there is a special order in the universe called the Tao, or "way".
A religion or code of ethics, practiced primarily in East Asia, that centers around family, social relationships, and duty.
What is Confucianism? (503)
Its leader was a Chinese Philosopher (551 to 479 B.C.). A code of ethics centered around family, social relationships, and duty.
A Japanese religion whose followers believe that gods inhabit natural objects and that these gods should be worshiped in community rituals.
What is Shinto? (504)
Belief that gods, called Kami, inhabit natural objects such as rivers, trees, rocks, and mountains. The torii is a gateway to the shrines of worship. Often mixed with Buddism.
A government controlled by outside forces. Ex. In 1937, Japan invaded China's east coast and controlled much of eastern China until after WWII.
What is a Puppet Government? (509)
The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics controlled much of Eastern Europe before it disbanded.
A large cooperative group used to improve the economy and develop small scale industies nearer to natural resources in the countries interior.
What is a Commune? (509)
Chinese cooperative groups were used to build dams and dikes and labored to improve the transportation system. Many people were forced to leave cities to work in these large cooperative groups.
The practice of raising two crops in one year or three in the south (2 of rice & 1 vegetables). Requires a long growing season and humid-subtropical climate.
What is Double-cropping? (511)
Multiple crops harvested in one year due to climate and long growing season.
An area designed to attract foreign companies and investments. S.China gets foreign investments from Taiwan, S. Korea, Japan & increasingly the U.S.A.
What are Special Economic Zones (SEZs)?
Some areas near Hong Kong have been converted from rice fields to modern factories and cities with high rise buildings, highways, called "open-door ports" where foreign money & trade circulate freely.