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Information about Songai
-founded by Sunni Ali(king)
-Capital City Gao
-learning capital Timbuktu
-powerful leader Askia Mohammed
-at height larger than western europe
-1591 Morocco conquers land
a town that Muhammad converted to Islam
Information about Ghana
-ghana means war chief>title of king
-King often called "king of gold"
-capital= 2towns called Koumbi
-one for king
-one for muslims
-1100 muslim invaders take over Ghana
-Make Islam main religion
Mansa Musa
ruler of Mali mansa musa went to mecca to make his pilgrimage. He did this for his religion. He brought 60,000 people and two tons of gold. On the way went into Egypt threw so much gold around devalued gold for 12 years.
Iportant center of trade, and a place for the yearly pilgramage that arabs made to worship the sacred Kaaba
Sundiata's physical traits
-large head
-cant walk
-strong arms
-big eyes
Brief summary of Sundiata
-Sundiata and mom goes into exile
-learns how to be a fighter and gains allies
-Evil wizard conquers Sundiata's home
-Sundiata gathers allies to go back home
-Sundiata finds Wizard's weakness roasters
-Both go to war
-Sundiata scratches Wizard the the nail of a roaster on a bow and Sundiata wins
founder of Islam was poor as child/orphan an 40 years old he believed the Gabriel the arch angel approached him and ordered him to preach the word of Allah to the Arabs
Gold-Salt trade
NW Africa had salt needed gold
W Africa had gold needed salt
when they traded there was people in the middle of trading path taxing both imported salt and exported gold. Using trade wealth West African built miltary strength conquered neighbors which made Ghana Kingdom
Information about Mali
-main city Timbuktu
-founded by Sundiata(first king)
-strongest ruler Mansa Musa
-religion Islam
5 pillars of Islam
"pillars of Faith"
1.recite the words of witness,"there is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his prophet"
2.pray 5 times a day facing Mecca, the holy city of Islam
3.make a pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in a lifetime
4.give money or food to the needy from snrise to sunset during the month of Ramadan
Characters in Sundiata
Sogolan-Sundiata's mom
Nare Maghan-Sundiata's dad/king
Sassouma-Kings 1st wife
Dankoran Touman-son of sassouma
Balla Fasseke-Sundiata's griot