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캔트 insincere or hypocritical speech:The political candidate resorted to cant whenever he was asked about any of the substantial issues of the campaign.
캔 버쓰 1, to seek votes or opinions:In the last few days before the election, the campaign volunteers spread out to ~ in key districts.:to conduct a survey:The polling organization ~ed consumers to find out which brand of drain cleaner made them feel most optimistic about the global rough cloth that circus tents, among other things, used to be made of.
커 페이 쉬어쓰 2, 큼지막한:Holly had a ~ mouth into which she poured the contenets of a family-sized box of Milk Duds.:널찍한:The Stone's house was ~ but not particularly gracious; it felt and looked like the inside of a barn.용량이큰:Arnold's memory for insults was ~; he could remember every nasty thing that anyone had ever said about him.
카할드 널 1, 가장중요한:The ~ rule at our school is simple: no chewing gum in the building.:주요한:The "~ virtues" are said to be fortitude, justice, prudence, and temperance.
커 뤼인 2, to move rapidly without control:The drunk driver's automobile bounced off several lampposts as it ~ed along the waterfront, eventually running off the end of the pier and plunging into the harbor.:한쪽으로기울다:The ship ~ed heavily in the storm, causing all of the cargo in its hold to shift to one side.
카할 타하 그뤄 피 2, 지도작성(법):The United States Department of State employs a large ~ department, because the boundaries of the world's countries are constantly changing and maps must constantly be updated and redrawn.n.cartographer(칼 타 그래 퍼 2)
캐쓰 캐읻 2, 폭포(같은것):Water from the burst main([종종 pl.] (가스수도하수전기 등의) 본관(本管), 간선) created a ~ that flowed over the embankment and into our living room.:폭포처럼쏟아지다:Silver dollars ~ed from the slot machine when Christine said the magic word that she had learned in Word Smart.
커 커쓰 1, 정당간부회의:In some states, delegates to political conventions are elected; in other states, they are selected in ~es.:a political group whose members have common interests or goals.:The women in the state legislature joined together in an informal women's ~ in order to increase their influence on issues of particular interest to women.
캐 벌 리얼 3, 거만한:The vain actor was so ~ that he either didn't notice or didn't care that he had broken Loretta's heart.:무관심한:Mrs.Perkins felt that her daughter and son-in-law were somewhat ~ about their housework; she objected, for example, to the fact that they seldom did any laundry, preferring to root around in the laundry hamper for something clean enough to wear again.
캐 벌 1, 트집잡다:Writing organization's new by-laws(정관) would have been much simpler if it hadn't been the chairman's habit to ~ about every point raised.
췌프 worthless stuff:In agricultural usage, ~ is the husk left over after grain has been threshed. Outside of a wheat farm, ~ is any worthless stuff, esp. any worthless stuff left over after valuable stuff has been separated out or removed.:Any car in which young children regularly ride gradually fills up with crumbs, Cheerios, gum wrappers, bits of paper, and other ~.:The mountain of crumpled paper on which Harry lay snoring was the ~ he had produced in his effort to write a term paper.
커 미일 리언 2, 지조없는사람:Rita was a social ~; when she was with her swimmingteam friends, she made fun of the students on the yearbook staff, and when she was with her yearbook friends, she made fun of the students on the swimming team.
채 널 1, <정보관심노력 등을> (어떤 방향으로) 돌리다, 전하다, 보내다:When the dean asked Eddie to explain how he had managed to earn three Ds and a C-minus during the previous semester, Eddie said, "Well, you know what can happen when you ~ all your efforts into one course.":Young people arrested for painting graffiti on subway cars were placed in a rehabilitation program that attempted to ~ their artistic abilities into socially acceptable pursuits, such as painting the interios of subway-station bathrooms.
췌이스트 간소한:The novel's author had a ~ but powerful writing style; he used few adjectives and even fewer big words, but he nonetheless succeeded in creating a vivid and stirring portrait of a fascinating world.:정숙한:Felix enjoyed Cinderella, but he found the movie a bit ~ for his liking.:To be ~ is to be in a state of chastity(췌스 터 티 1):Rick chose to live a life of ~ by becoming a monk.
췌 뤕 1, 토실토실한귀여운아기:The bank robber had the face of a ~ and the arrest record of a hardened criminal.:adj.cherubic:Religiously speaking, a ~ is an angel of the sort you see depicted on valentines and Christmas cards: a small child, with wings and no clothes. In careful usage, the correct plural is cherubim(췌 루 빔 1), but most people just say cherubs.
춸 틀 1, to chuckle with glee:A ~ is a cross between a chuckle and a snort. The word was coined by Lewis Carroll in Through the Looking Glass.:The toddler ~ed as he arranged his gleaming Christmas presents on the living-room couch.:The children were supposed to be asleep, but I could tell that they were reading their new joke book because I could hear them chortling through the door.:~ can also be a noun.:Professor Smith meant his lecture to be serious, but the class responded only with ~s.
추어얼르 영 역사 최하층의 자유민(ceorl):상스러운사람:Too much wine made Rex act like a ~; he thumped his forefinger on the waiter's chest and demanded to speak to the manager.:adj.churlish:Rex's ~ behavior toward the waiter made him unwelcome at the restaurant.:Everyone was appalled by his ~ness.
헡 스퍼 1, 철면피스러움:The bank manager had so much ~ that during a recent robbery, he asked the stick-up men to sign a receipt for the money they were taking, and they did!
싸이 펄 1, 영(zero)The big red ~ at the top of his paper told Harold that he hadn't done a very good job on his algebra exam.:a nobody:George was a ~; after he had transferred to a new school, no one could remember what he looked like.:암호를푸는열쇠:Heather loved codes, and she quickly figured out the simple ~ that the older girls had used to write one another secret messages about boys.
디 싸이 펄 2, ~ a code message is to decode it. opp.encipher:To ~ a message is to put into code.:Larry's emotions were hard to decipher; the expression on his face never gave on a clue as to what he was feeling or thinking.
씨 터 덜 1, (시가를 내려다 보며 지켜주는) 성(城):From the ~ on top of the hill, the king's soldiers could fire down on the troops attacking the city.보루:The president viewed the university as a ~ of learning, as a fortress against the forces of ignorance.
클랜 데쓰 틴 2, 비밀리의:The ~ meetings held by the terrorists were not as ~ as the ~s imagined; their meeting room had been bugged by the CIA.
클래 씩 1, 최고수준의:The baseball game was a ~ contest; it was one of the finest games I have ever seen.:serving as a standard or model:Little Rudolph is ia ~ example of what happens when parents give a child anything he wants; he is a whining, wheedling, annoying little brat.:일류작품:The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is an American ~; many readers view it as the Great American Novel.
~ literature is the literature of ancient Greece and Rome. Ancient Greek and Latin are ~ languages. ~ history is the history of ancient Greece and Rome. The neoclassical period in American architecture was a period in which American builders were heavily influenced by the architecture of ancient Greece and Rome.(The Parthenon is a ~ example of classical architecture.) In music, ~ refers to European music of the second half of the eighteenth century. Mozart is an example of a ~ composer.:When people in an academic setting refer to "the classics," they are almost always referring to the literature and languages of ancient Greece and Rome. A ~ major is a student who concentrates in that literature and those languages.
클리이브 :to cling/to split:When a child is frightened, it ~s to its parent, and no one is able to ~ them.:The streamlined front of the automobile is designed to ~ the air, reducing wind resistance.:The explorers had powerful machetes[머 쓔애 티 2, (중남미 원주민이 벌채에 쓰는) 칼, 만도(蠻刀)], but the jungle was so dense that they were unable to ~ a path through it.:Something that has been split is cleft.
클로이 스털 1, 건축 (수도원대학 등의 안뜰 둘레의) 회랑(回廊), 복도:a covered walk, with columns on one side, that runs along the perimeter of a courtyard, esp. in a convent(수녀원) or monastery(수도회):a tranquil, secluded place:Virginia viewed her office as a ~ in which she could withdraw from the chaos of the production line.:The little clearing in the woods was Billy's ~; he went there to meditate and recharge his mental batteries.:v.To ~ someone or something is to put him, her, or it in seclusion(은둔):After his hectic week, David ~ed himself on the golf course for the entire three-day weekend.:To be ~-like is to be cloistral(클로이 스트뤌 1)
클로운 복사판:The new store was a ~ of the old one; even the sales clerks looked the same.v.To ~ something is to make an exact duplicate of it.:Isaac spent his life trying to find a way to ~ hiimself, because he believed that the world would be a better, more interesting place if it were filled with Isaacs.
클라웉 강타:When Susan kept jumping higher and higher on the bed despite her father's warnings, her collision with the ceiling gave her a ~ on the head that made her see stars.:영향력:Jim has a lot of ~ at the bank, perhaps because his father is the president.
클로이 (특히 단것에) 물리게하다:After a few bites, the delicious dessert began to ~, and Harold thought that he was going to be sick.
카 덜 1, 귀하게기르다:Old Mrs.Smythe had dozens of cats, and she ~ed them all by feeding them fresh cream, liver, and chocolate pudding.:to baby:Mr.Jones ~ed his new employees because he didn't want them to quit as a group on the day before Christmas, as his previous employees had done.
카 저 테이트 1, 숙고하다:When the professor had a particularly difficult problem to solve, he would climb a tree with a bag of jelly beans and ~ until he had a solution.n.cogitation:~ was apparently painful to Rebecca; whenever she thought carefully aboutu something, her eyes squinted, her hands shook, and she broke into a sweat.
코우 헐트 1, 옛 로마 보병대 ((legion을 10등분한 한 부대로 300명 내지 600명)) In ancient Rome, a ~ was a military division of several hundred soldiers. In careful modern usage, ~ often retains a shade of this original meaning.:The IRS office was surrounded by a ~ of disgruntled taxpayers demanding the head of the head agent.: 공범자; 지원[지지]자:The armed robber and his ~ were both sentenced to hundreds of years in prison.
커 미 저 뤠잍 2, to express sorrow or sympathy for; to sympathize with; to pity:To ~ with someone is to "share the misery" of the person:My grandmother ~ed with me when I told her about the terrible day I had had at school.:In the aftermath of the flood, the mayor was quick to ~ but slow to offer any aid.:The other members of the tennis team ~ed with their captain after his humiliating loss in the finals of the tournament.n.commiseration(커 미 저 뤠이 션 4):The new widow was weary of the ~ of her friends and eager to get on with her life.
커 모우 디 어쓰 2, 널찍한:The rooms in the old hotel were so ~ that Sheila nearly got lost on her way to the bathroom.
컴 패 터 벌 2, harmonious; capable of functioning, working, or living together in harmony; consistent:My college roommate and I were completely ~; we both liked to leave the lights and television on when we slept, and we both smoked and Gina got divorced because they had decided, after thirty-five years of marriage and seven children, that they were simply incompatible.
컴 포우즈드 2, 차분한:The defendant was eerily(등골이오싹하게) ~ when the judge read the jury's verdict; he almost seemed to welcome his conviction.:To be ~ is to have composure(컴 포우 줠 2):The judges were most impressed by the young dancer's ~; despite the pressure of the nationally televised recital, she remained calm and finished her routine without making a single error.
컴 펑ㅋ 션 2,
컴 펑ㅋ 션 2, 양심의가책:Ms.Riley had no ~ about overeating if she thought that her meal was low in fat.:The bank robber was absolutely without ~; he filled his satchel with cash as calmly as if he had been filling it with groceries.
컨 펄 2, 협의하다: The referees ~red briefly before ruling that the pass had been incomplete and that no touchdown had been scored.:상의하다:I told the salesman that I needed to ~ with my wife by telephone before signing a formal agreement to buy the old ocean liner.:수여하다:The administration decided to ~ an honorary degree upon the old millionaire because it hoped doing so would cause him to leave a few million dollars to the university in his will.
컨 피 규어 뤠이 션 4, 배치:The ~ of the seats was such that no one in the audience had a clear view of the stage.
컨 플러 그뤠이 션 3, 대화재:The smoldering rags in the dumpster ignited the drums of explosive chemicals, and the small fire rapidly became a ~ that enveloped the entire block.
컨 파운드 2, 당황하게하다:The newborn baby's ability to speak fluent Italian ~ed the experts, who were surprised to hear a newborn speaking anything but French.:좌절시키다:Allen's failure to understand his computer continue to ~ his efforts to become computer-literate.
컨 쥐일 2, 응고하다:The bacon grease ~ed into a smooth white mass when we put the skillet(미 손잡이가 긴 프라이팬) in the freezer.:분명한 형태가 되게 하다:It took several years for my ideas about invisibility to ~ to the point where I could begin manufacturing and marketing vanishing pills.
칸 주어 걸 1, 혼인의:After twenty-eight years of ~ bliss, Ben and Mary got a divorce when Ben suddenly confessed that he never liked the way she flossed her teeth.
커 나이브 2, 공모하다 with:An investigation revealed that virtually the entire police department had been ~ing with the neighborhood drug dealers, giving them immunity in exchange for a cut of the profits.n.connivance(커 나이 번쓰 2)
컨 썰 버 터어 뤼 2, 온실:On sunny mornings, Mrs. Klein liked to have breakfast in the ~, surrounded by her orchids and miniature palm trees.:예술학교:After college, Hugo spent six years studying the violin at a Viennese ~.
컨 싸인 2, to hand over:Upon her retirement, Mary ~ed to her co-workers the contents of her desk.:to assign:Two decades after Frank's death, most critics ~ed his novels to the literary trash heap.:n.위탁 판매품:The bookstore owner was waiting anxiously for the publisher to send her a new ~ of books:with no books to sell, she had little to do at work all day.
칸 스털 네이 션 3, sudden confusion:The ~ of the children during the fire drill was evident in their faces; their eyes were wide with fear and uncertainty.
컨 스티 추 언 씨 2, 지지층:The ninety-year-old candidate did most of his campaigning on college campuses, even though his natural ~ was the town's large population of senior citizen.:The company's president failed to build a ~ on the board to support his plan to raise his salary by 300 percent.:A ~ is made up of constituents(컨 스티 추 언츠 2)The senator never forgot who had elected him; he spent most of his time in Washington doing favors for his ~s.
컨 티 뉴 엄 2, 연속체:The spectrum of visible light is a ~ in which each color blends into its neighbors.:Einstein's theory of relativity holds that space and time are not distinct dimensions but inseperable aspects of a ~.
칸 트뤄 밴드 1, 밀수품:The military police looked for ~ in the luggage of the returning soldiers, and they found plenty of it, including captured enemy weapons and illegal drugs.
칸 트뤄 타한 1, an embarrassing occurrence; a mishap:Newell lost his job over a little ~ involving an office party, the photocopier, and his rear end.
컨 투 멀 리 2, 무례함:In the opinion of the teacher, the student's sticking out his tongue during the Pledge of Allegiance was unforgivable ~.:adj.contumelious 칸 투 미일 리 어쓰 3 무례한:The ~ prisoners stuck out their tongues at their jailers.
커 넌 드뤔 2, a puzzle or problem without a solution:What to do about the dirty dishes piling up in the sink was a ~ that the four roommates could not even begin to solve.:English grammar was a ~ to Marcia; she just couldn't figure out how to put two words together.
컨 벌 전트 2, ..에밝은:After just two days on the job, Gloria was not yet ~ with the many rules laid down by her new employer.:..에정통한:Several months' worth of intense television watching had made Ivan ~ with the rules of football, even though he had never played the game himself.
칸 벌쓰 1, 반대:Freddy followed not the rule but its ~; that is, he did the opposite of what he was supposed to do.:adv.~ly 거꾸로:Freddy faced a little choice; he could put in the Kool-Aid in the water or, ~, he could put the water in the Kool-Aid.
컨 베이 2, 나르다:The train ~ed us across the border in the middle of the night.:전달하다:The look on my mother's face is impossible for me to ~; her expression is indescribable.:n.conveyance(컨 베이 언쓰 2)is an act of transporting or a means of transporting, especially a vehicle. A bus is a public ~.
컨 빅 쎤 2, 확신:It's Harold's ~ that the earth is the center of the universe, but Harold's ~ is wrong:유죄판결:Ever since his ~ for first-degree murder, Lester had been spending quite a bit of time in jail.
컨 벌 루 션 3, a twist or turn:I couldn't follow all the ~s in the plot of the murder mystery; every character seemed to have a dozen identities, and every occurrence turned out to be something other than what it had appeared to be at first.:A convoluted plot is a plot that has lots of twist and turns. A ~ argument is one that is so complex that it is difficult to follow, just as a twisted path would be hard to follow. If you have a simple story to tell, don't convolute(컨 벌 뤁 3)it by making it more complicated than it needs to be.
컬 절 1, 진심어린:We received a ~ welcome from our host, who was clearly delighted that my wife and I had come to spend several months with him.:To do ~ is to do things ~lly or with cordiality(컬 쥐 앨 러 티 3)
컬 퍼 뤼 얼 2, material; tangible; having substance, like the body:Steve was mildly crazy; he believed that at night his thoughts became ~ and wandered around his house eating potato chips and doing laundry.:This word is often confused with corporal(컬 퍼 뤌 1), which means having to do with the body. Beating a criminal is corporal punishment. Someone who has a lot of body fat is corpulent(컬 퓰 런트 1 비만인).A body of people is called corps(코올), like the army corps.
커 로우 씨브 2, 부식성의:Mary Ellen's chutney(처트니 ((달콤하고 시큼한 인도의 조미료))) contained some ~ ingredient that burned a hole in Jeremy's plate.:좀먹는:Large quantities of money have a ~ effect on the morals of many people.
커 뤄 게이 턷 1, 주름지게하다:A ~ sheet metal is sheet metal that has been shaped so that it has ridges and valleys, like a ridged potato chip. Corduroy(컬 더 뤼 1) pants could be said to be ~. Much of the paperboard used in making cardboard cartons is ~.
코우 터 뤼 1, (문예 등의) 동인(同人):The visiting poet-in-residence quickly developed a large ~ of students admirers, all of whom hoped that the visitor would be able to help them find publishers for their poems.