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포인 년트 1, painfully emotional; extremely moving; sharp or astute:The words ~ and pointed are very closely related, and they share much of the same range of meaning.:A ~ scene is one that is so emotional or moving that it is almost painful to watch.:All the reporters stopped taking notes as they watched the old woman's ~ reunion with her daughter, whom she hadn't seen in eighty-five years.:~ can also mean pointed in the sense of sharp or astute.:A ~ comment might be one that shows great insight.:To be ~ is to have poignancy.
포울 러 롸이즈 1, 분열시키다:The increasingly acrimonious debate between the two candidates ~ the political party.
펄 레 믹 2, a powerful argument often made to attack or refute a controversial issue.:The book was a convincing ~ that revealed the fraud at the heart of the large corporation.:Instead of the traditional Groundhog Day address, the state senator delivered a ~ against the sales tax.:A ~ is polemical.
펀 더 뤄쓰 1, 덩치큰:The wedding cake was a ~ blob of icing and jelly beans.:육중한:The fat man was unable to type, because his ~ belly prevented him from pushing his chair up to his desk.장황한:The chairman, as usual, gave a ~ speech that left half his listeners snoring in their plates.
포얼 턴트 1, 전조:The distant rumbling we heard this morning was a ~ of the thunderstorm that hit our area this afternoon.:조짐:Stock market investors looked for ~s in their complicated charts and graphs; they hoped that the market's past behavior would give them a clue as to what would happen in the future.
adj.portentous 포얼 텐 터쓰 2, ominous or filled with portent. But it is very often used to mean pompous, or self-consciously serious or ominous sounding.:A ~ speech is not one that you would enjoy listening to.:A ~ announcement might be one that tried to create an inappropriate sense of alarm in those listening to it.Portentous can also mean amazing or astonishing. A ~ sunset might be a remarkably glorious one rather than an ominous or menacing one.
파하쓰 출 렅 1, something accepted as true without proof; an axiom 공리(公理):A postulate is taken to be true because it is convenient to do so.:We might be able to prove a ~ if we had the time, but not now. A theorem is something that is proven using ~s.파쓰 출 레잍 1, (자명한일로)가정하다:Sherlock Holmes rarely ~ed things, waiting for evidence before he made up his mind.
프뤼 쎕트 1, 계율:"Love thy neighbor" is a ~ we have sometimes found difficult to follow; our neighbor is a noisy oaf[오우프 저능아] who painted his house electric blue and who throws his empty beer cans into our yard.
프뤼 씨 퍼 테잍 2, 재촉하다:A panic among investors ~ed last Monday's crisis in the stock market.:to cause to happen abruptly:The police were afraid that arresting the angry protestors might ~ a riot.:adj. 프뤼 씨 퍼 팉 2, 경솔한:A ~ decision is one made without enough thought beforehand.:The guidance counselor, we thought, was ~ when he had the tenth grader committed to a mental hospital for saying that homework was boring.
프뤼 씨 퍼 터쓰 2, 깎아지른듯한:A mountain can be ~, meaning either that it is steep or that it comprises lots of steep cliffs.:~ can also be used to signify things that are only figuratively steep. For example, you could say that someone had stumbled down a ~ slope into drug addiction.
프뤼 클룯 2, to prevent something from ever happening:Ann feared that her abysmal academic career might ~ her becoming a brain surgeon.
프뤼 컬 썰 2, forerunner; something that goes before and anticipates or paves the way for whatever it is that follows.:The arrival of a million-dollar check in the mail might very well be the ~ of a brand-new car.:A sore throat is often the ~ of a cold.:Hard work on the practice field might be the ~ of success on the playing field.
프뤠 덜 렉 쎤 3, a natural preference for something:The impatient judge had a ~ for well-prepared lawyers who said what they meant and didn't waste his time.:Joe's ~ for saturated fats has added roughly a foot to his waistline in the past twenty years.
프뤼 에 머 넌트 2, better than anyone else 최고의:The nation's ~ harpsichordist would be the best ~ in the nation.:The Nobel Prize-winning physicist was ~ in his field but he was still a lousy teacher.
프뤼 엠트 2, to seize something by prior right:When television show A ~s television show B, television show A is shown at the time usually reserved for television show B. The word ~ implies that television show A is more important than television show B and thus has a greater right to the time slot.:A preemptive action is one that is undertaken in order to prevent some other action from being undertaken:When the air force launched a ~ strike against the missile base, the air force was attacking the missiles in order to prevent the missiles from attacking the air force.
프뤼 퍼 제쓰 3, to preoccupy; to influence beforehand or prejudice; to make a good impression on beforehand:When a person is ~ed by an idea, he or she can't get it out of his or her mind.:My dream of producing energy from old chewing gum wrappers prepossessed me, and I lost my job, my home, my wife, and my children.:Experience had ~ed Larry's mother not to believe him when he said that someone else had broken the window; Larry had broken it every other time, so she assumed that he had broken it this time.:The neew girl in the class was extremely ~ing. The minute she walked into the room, all the boys rushed over to introduce themselves.:Unprepossessing means unimpressive, but the word is only mildly negative.:The quaint farmhouse had an ~ exterior, but a beautiful interior. Who would have imagined?
프뤼 롸 거 팁 2, 특권:Giving traffic tickets to people he didn't like was one of the ~s of Junior's job as a policeman.
프롸 더 걸 1, 낭비하는:The chef was ~ with his employer's money, spending thousands of dollars on ingredients for what was suppposed to be a simple meal.방탕한:The ~ gambler soon found that he couldn't afford even a two-dollar bet.
프뤄 디 줘쓰 2, 놀랄만한:To fill the Grand Canyon with Ping-Pong balls would be a ~ undertaking; it would be both extraordinary and enormous.:거대한:The little boy caught a ~ fish--it was ten times his size and might more easily have caught him had their situation been reversed.
프뤄 피 션트 2, 능숙한:Jerry was a ~ cabinet maker. He could make a cabinet that would make you sit back and say, "Now, there's a cabinet."
프롸 플러 게잍 1, 허랑((虛浪―)[형용사][여 불규칙 활용] 말이나 행동에 거짓이 많고 착실하지 못하다.)방탕하다:The fraternity members were a ~ bunch; they held allnight orgies(흥청망청대는 술파티) on weeknights and nearly burned down their fraternity house with their parties every weekend.
프뤄 퓨즈 2, 넘쳐흐르는:When we gave Marian our house, our car, and all our clothes, her gratitude was ~.:아낌없는:My teacher said I had done a good job, but his praise was far from ~. I got the feeling he hadn't really liked my epic poem about two dinosaurs who fall in love just before they become extinct.
프로울 럿 테어 뤼 엍 3, 노동자계급:The ~ is the laboring class--blue-collar workers or people who roll up their shirtsleeves to do an honest day's work.
프로울 리 픽 2, 다작(多作)의:A ~ writer is a writer who writes a lot of books.다산(多産)의:The old man had been extraordinarily ~; he had thirty children and more than one hundred grandchildren.
프롸 멀 게잍 1, 선포하다:The principal ~ed a new dress code over the loudspeaker system: red, green, yellow, and blue were the only permissible artificial hair colors.
프뤄 펜 써 티 2, 성향:Jessie has a ~ for saying stupid things:every time she opens her mouth, something stupid comes out.
프뤄 피 셔쓰 2, maked by favorable signs or conditions 좋은:Rush hour is not a ~ time to drive into the city.순조로운:The early negotiations between the union and the company had been so ~ that no one was surprised when a new contract was announced well before the strike deadline.
프뤄 프롸이 어 터어 뤼 2, characteristic of an owner of property; constituting property:George felt very ~ about the chocolate-cookie recipe;he had invented it himself.:독점적인:The company's design for musical toilet paper is ~; the company owns it, and outsiders can't look at it for nothing.:A proprietor(프뤄 프롸이 어 털 2) is an owner.
프뤄 프롸이 어 티 2, 예의범절:The old lady viewed the little girl's failure to curtsy as a flagrant breach of ~. She did not approve of or countenance such im~ies.
프로우 스크롸입 2, 금지하다:Spitting on the sidewalk and shooting at road signs were both ~ed activities under the new administration.:The act of proscribing is proscription:an individual act of proscribing is also a proscription.
프롸 썰 러 타이즈 1, 개종시키다:The former Methodist(감리교도) had been ~ed by a Lutheran deacon(집사).
프로우 타 거 니스트 2, 리더:Martin Luther King Jr., was a ~ in the long and continuing struggle foro racial equality.:주인공:The ~ of the movie was an eleven-year-old boy who saved his hometown from destruction by eating all the doughnuts that the mad scientist had been using to fuel his nuclear reactor.The mad scientist was the boy's chief antagonist.:An antagonist is an opponent or adversary.
프로우 트뤡트 2, 질질끌(게하)다:The trial was so ~ed that one of the jurors died of old age and another gave birth.:The commencement speaker promised not to ~ his remarks, but then he spoke for two solid hours. It was a protracted speech.
프롸 버 던트 1, 미래를준비하는:The ~ father had long ago set aside money for the college education of each of his children.:To be im~ is to fail to provide for the future:opp.improvident 앞일을생각하지않는:It was ~ of the grasshopper not to store any food for the winter, unlike his acquaintance the provident ant.
프뤄 비쥐히 어 널 2, 잠정적인:Louis had been accepted as a ~ member of the club. He wouldn't become a permanent member until the other members had had a chance to see what he was really like.
펄 포얼 틷 2, ..이라고소문난:The heiress is ~ to have been kidnapped by adventurers and buried in a concrete vault beneath the busiest intersection in Time Square. No one believes this story except the psychic who was consulted by the police.:To purport something is to claim or allege it.
퓨 터 팁 1, 추정되고있는:The ~ reason for placing the monument downtown is that nobody had wanted it uptown.:When you use the word ~, you emphasize that the reason is only supposed, not proven.
쿠할 러 테이 팁 1, 질적인:The difference between the two restaurants was quantitative rather than qualitative. Both served the same dreadful food, but the second restaurant served more of it.
쿠얼 뤌 러스 1, 투덜거리는:The exasperated mother finally managed to hush her ~ child.
퀵 서 틱 2, 돈키호테식의(romantic or idealistic to a foolish or impractical degree):The word ~ is derived from the name of Don Quixote, the protagonist of Miguel de Cervantes's classic seventeenth-century novel. Don Quixote had read so many romances about the golden age of chivalry that he set out to become a knight himself and have chivalrous adventures. Instead, his romantic idealism almost invariably got him into trouble. To be ~ is to be a foolish or impractical as Don Quixote in pursuing an ideal.:For many years Mr.Morris had led a ~ effort to repeal the federal income tax.:The political organization had once been a powerful force in Washington, but its membership had dwindled and its causes had become increasingly ~.
뤠 머 파이 1, 가지를 내다
ramification:a consequence that grows out of someething in the same way that a tree branch grows out of a tree trunk.:The professor found a solution to the problem, but there are many ~s; some experts are afraid that he has created more problems than he has solved.
뤵 껄 1, 원한:The mutual ~ felt by the two nations eventually led to war.
adj. rancorous:to feel ~:The rancorous public exchange between the two competing boxers are strictly for show; outside the ring, they are the best of friends.
뤄 페이 쉬어쓰 2, 탐욕스런:Wall Street investment bankers are often accused of being ~, but they claim they are performing a valuable economic function.n.rapacity
뤼 뷰웈 2, 꾸짖다:We trembled as Mr.Solomon ~ed us for flipping over his car and taking off the tires.:A piece of sharp criticism is called a ~.
뤼 캘 써 트뤈트 2, adj. stubbornly defiant of authority or control; disobedient:The ~ cancer continued to spread through the patient's body despite every therapy and treatment the doctors tried.:The country was in turmoil, but the ~ dictator refused even to listen to the pleas of the international representatives.
뤼 켄트 2, 철회하다:The chagrined scientist ~ed his theory that mice originated on the moon; it turned out that he had simply mixed up the results of two separate experiments.:to openly confess error:The secret police tortured the intellectual for a week, by tickling his feet with a feather duster, until he finally ~ed.:An act of ~ing is called a recantation.
뤼 씨 프뤄 껄 2, interchangeable:The Rochester Club had a ~ arrangement with the Duluth Club. Members of either club had full privileges of membership at the other.:mutual:Their hatred was ~; they hated each other.:To reciprocate is to return in kind, to interchange, or to repay.:Our new neighbors had had us over for dinner several times, butu we were unable to reciprocate immediately because our dining room was being remodeled.:A reciprocity(뤼 써 프롸 써 티 3) is a ~ relation between two parties, often whereby both parties gain.
뤼 클루 씹 2, 은둔하는:The crazy millionaire led a ~ existence, shutting himself up in his labyrinth mansion and never setting foot in the outside world.:세상과동떨어진:Our new neighbors were so ~ that we didn't even meet them until a full year after they had moved in.
뤠 껀 다잍 1, 난해한:The philosopher's thesis was so ~ that I couldn't get past the first two sentences.:over a person's ~
(1) 에게 (너무 어려워) 이해되지 않는
뤼 크뤼 머 네이 션 4, a bitter counteraccusation, or the act of making a bitter counteraccusation:Melissa was full of ~. When I accused her of stealing my pen, she angrily accused me of being careless, evil, and stupid.:To make a ~ is to recriminate.
뤠 덜 런트 1, ..의향이짙은 of:The air in autumn is ~ of wood smoke and fallen leaves.:좋은냄새가나는:The flower arrangements on the tables were both beautiful and ~.:..를생각나게하는:The new play was ~ of one I had seen many years ago.
뤼 이 터 뤠잍 2, 되풀이해서말하다:The candidate had ~ his position so many times on the campaign trail that he sometimes even muttered it in his sleep.:반복하다:to ~, let me say once again that I am very happy to have been invited to the birthday celebration of your adorable Pekingese.(피 키 니즈 3)
뤨 러 게잍 1, 좌천시키다:The most junior of the junior executives was ~ed to a tiny, windowless office that had once been a broom closet.:격하시키다:The new dad's large collection of jazz records was ~ed to the cellar to make room for the new baby's larger collection of stuffed animals. The father objected to the relegation of his record collection to the cellar, but his objection did no good.
륄 렌트 레쓰 2, continuous; unstoppable:The insatiable rabbit was ~; it ate and ate until nothing was left in the botanical garden.
륄 링 끄위쒸 2, 놓다:The hungry dog refused to ~ thet enormous beef bone that he had stolen from the butcher's shop.:넘기다:The retiring president ~ed control of the company only with the greatest reluctance.
뤼 마한 스트뤠잍 2, 항의하다:My boss ~ed with me for telling all the secretaries they could take the rest of the week off.n.remonstration
뤠 너 싸한쓰 1, 부흥기:The declining neighborhood underwent a ~ whwen a group of investors bought several crumbling tenements and turned them into attractive apartment buildings.
뤠 뻐 뤠이 션 3, 보상:The defeated country demanded ~s for the destruction it had suffered at the hands of the victorious army.
뤼 펄 커 쉬언 3, 간접적효과:One ~ of the new tax law was that accountants found themselves with a lot of new business.
뤼 플리잍 2, 충만한:The once polluted stream was now ~ with fish of every description.
뤺 뤼 헨 써 벌 3, 혼날만한:He put the cat in the laundry chute, tied the dog to the chimney, and committed several other reprehensible acts.:비난받을만한:Malcom's manners were ~: he ate his soup by drinking it from his empty wineglass and flipped his peas into his mouth with the back of his salad fork.