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패 씰 1, fluent; skillful in a superficial way; easy: 쉽게쓰여진To say that a writer's style is ~ is to say both that it is skillful and that it would be better if the writer exerted himself or herself more. The word ~ almost always contains this sense fo superficiality.:Paolo's poems were ~ rather than truly accomplished;if you read them closely, you soon realized they were filled with cliches.:The CEO of the company was a ~ speaker. He could speak engagingly on almost any topic with very little preparation. He spoke with great facility.
팔 씨 껄 1, 우스꽝스러운 The serious play quickly turned ~ when the leading man's belt broke and his pants fell to his ankles.:The formerly secret documents detailed the CIA's ~ attempt to discredit Fidel Castro by sprinkling his shoes with a powder that was supposed to make his beard fall out.
패 스티 디 어쓰 2, 꼼꼼한:Mrs.O'Hara was a ~ housekeeper; she cleaned up our crumbs almost before they hit the floor.
페이 털 리스트 1, 운명론자:The old man was a ~ about his illness, believing there was no sense in worrying about something over which he had no control.
페 츄 어쓰 1, 얼빠진:Pauline is so pretty that her suitors are often driven to ~ acts of devotion.
인 패츄 에이 틷 2, They are infatuated with her.
포어 너 1, animals:We saw little evidence of ~ on our walk through the woods. We did, however, see plenty of flora, or plants.:"Flora and fauna" means plants and animals. The terms are used particularly in describing whawt lives in a particular region or environment.동물군Arctic ~ are very different from tropical ~.:In Jim's yard, the flora consists mostly of weeds.
피 쿤드 1, 다산하는:The ~ mother rabbit gave birth to hundreds and hundreds of little rabbits.:productive:The philosopher's imagination was so ~ that ideas hopped out of him like a million baby rabbits.n.fecundity(피 쿤 디 티 2)
퍼 리 써 티 2, happiness; skillfulness, esp. at expressing things; adeptness 숙달:Love was not all ~ for Judy and Steve;they argued all the time. In fact their relationship was characterized by in~.Shakespeare wrote with great ~. His works are filled with felicitous
페 터 1, 족쇄를채우다:In his pursuit of the Nobel Prize for physics, Professor Jenkins was ~ed by his near-total ignorance of the subject.:To be un~ed 족쇄가풀린 is to be unrestrained or free of hindrances.:After the dictator was seposed, the novelist produced fiction that was unfettered by the strict rule of censorship.:A fetter is literally a chain(attached to the foot)that is used to restrain a criminal or, for that matter, an innocent person. A figurative fetter can be anything that hampers or restrains someone.:The housewife's young children were the ~s thath prevented her from pursuing a second Master's degree.
프레이 그런트 1, <거짓말실수 등이> 명백한
a ~ error 명백한[큰] 실수; 악명높은
플런트 과시하다:The brand-new millionaire annoyed all his friends by driving around his neighborhood to ~ his new Rolls-Royce.
포이 벌 1, 흠:Patti's foibles included a tendency to prefer dogs to people.
포우 멘트 2, 조성하다:The bad news from abroad ~ed pessimism among professional investors.:The radicals spread several rumors in an effort to ~ rebellion among the peasants.
폴 베이얼 2, 그만두다:Stephen told me I could become a millionaire if I joined him in his business, but his company makes me nervous so I decided to ~. :참다 George forbore to punch me in the nose, even though I had told him that I thought he was a sniveling idiot.
폴 쎄잌 2, to abandon 버리다:We urged Buddy to ~ his life with the alien beings and returned to his job at the drugstore.:저버리다 All the guru's followers had ~en him, so he became a real estate developer and turned his temple into an apartment building.
폴 투 어 터쓰 2, 뜻밖의:The program's outcome was not the result of any plan but was entirely ~.
파운 덜 1, 실패하다:The candidate's campaign for the presidency ~ed when it was revealed that he had once been married to a drug addict.:무너지다:Zeke successfully struggled through the first part of the course but ~ed when the final examination was given.:침몰하다:The ship ~ed shortly after its hull fell off.
프러 털 널 2, 형제같은:The ~ feelings of the group were strengthened by the monthly fishing trips that were planned.:A fraternity is an organization of men who have bound themselves together in a relationship analogous to that of real brothers.
프러 네 틱 2, 미친듯이흥분한:There was a lot of ~ activity in the office, but nothing ever seemed to get accomplished.:The bird's ~ attempt to free itself from the thorn bush finally exhausted it. Then the cat strolled over and ate it.
개 뤌 러쓰 1, 수다스러운:Gabriella is gregarious and ~; she loves to hang out with the gang and gab.
줴스 티 큘 레잍 2, to make gestures, especially when speaking or in place of speaking:Massimo gesticulated wildly on the other side of the theater in an attempt to get our attention.:The after-dinner speaker ~ed in such a strange way that the audience paid more attention to his hands than to his words.
공급과잉:The international oil shortage turned into an international oil ~ with surprising speed.:We had a ~ of contributions but a dearth, or scarcity, of volunteers; it seemed that people would rather give their money than their time.
그뤤 딜 러 꿘트 2, pompous; using a lot of big, fancy words in an attempt to sound impressive:The president's speech was ~ rather than eloquent; there were some six-dollar words and some impressive phrases, but he really had nothing to say.:The new minister's grandiloquence got him in trouble with deacons, who wanted him to be more restrained in his sermons.
그뤄 투 어 터쓰 2, 괜한:The scathing review of the movie contained several ~ remarks about the sex life of the director.: 근거없는 Their attack against us was ~;we had never done anything to offend them.:~ is often misunderstood because it is confused with gratuity. A gratuity is a tip, like the one you leave in a restaurant. A gratuity is a nice thing. ~, however, is not nice. Don't confuse these words.
그뤄 개 뤼 어쓰 2, 사교적인:Dirk was too ~ to enjoy fifty years he spent in solitary confinement.:In biology, ~ is used to describe animals that live in groups. Bees, which live together in large colonies, are said to be ~ insects.
핵 니드 1, 상투적인:Michael's book was full of cliches and ~ phrases.:The creationism issue had been discussed so much as to become ~.
햎 리쓰 1, 불운한:Joe's hapless search for fun led him from one disappointment to another.:Alex led a ~ existence that made all his friend's lives seem fortunate by comparison.
할 빈 절 1, a forerunner; a signal of:Warm weather is the ~ of spring.:A cloud of bad breath and body odor, which preceded him by several yards everywhere he went, was Harold's ~.
히이 더 니 점 1, 쾌락주의
히 더 니스트 1, 쾌락주의자
헐 메 틱 2, 외부의영향을받지않는:The president led a ~ existence in the White House, as his advisers attempted to seal him off from the outside world.:The old men felt vulnerable and unwanted outside the ~ security of their club.:~ally 밀봉하여:The poisonous substance was ~ed ~ally inside a glass cylinder.
헤이 데이 1, 전성기:In his ~, Vernon was a world-class athlete; today he's just Vernon.
하이 에이 터스 2, a break or interruption, often from work:Spencer looked forward to spring break as a welcome hiatus from the rigors of campus parties.
히스 트뤼 아 닉 3, 신파조의:The chairman's ~ presentation convinced no one.:The young actor's ~s made everyone in the audience squirm[어색해하다].
하 멀 리 1, 훈계:The football coach often began practice with a lengthy ~ on the virtues of clean living.
호우 머 쥐 니 어쓰 3, uniform; made entirely of one thing:The kindergartne class was extremely ~: all the children had blond hair, blue eyes, red shoes, and the same last name.:homogenized(허 마 저 나이즈드 2) milk is milk in which the cream, which usually floats on top, has been permanently mixed with the rest of the milk.(Skim milk is milk from which the layer of cream has been skimmed off)When milk is homogenized, it becomes a homogeneous substance--that is, it's the same throughout, or uniform.
헤 터 뤄 쥐 니 어쓰 4, to be mixed or varied. On Halloween the children amassed a ~ collection of candy, chewing gum, popcorn, and cookies.
허즈 번 드뤼 1, 절약:낙농
Everyone husbanded oil and electricity during the energy crisis of the seventies.:~ is the practice of conserving money or resources:To husband is to economize(절약하다)
하이 펄 벌 리 2, 과장법:When Joe said "I'm so hungry I could eat a horse," he was using ~ to convey the extent of his hunger.:The candidate was guilty of ~; all the facts in his speech were exaggerated.
하이 퍼 떼 터 컬 3, uncertain불확실한; Ernie's skill as a baseball player was entirely ~, since he had never played the game.:unproven 입증되지않은There were several ~ explanations for the strange phenomenon, but no one could say for certain what had caused it.:A ~ explanation is a hypothesis[히 퍼 떠 띠 쓰 2], the plural of which is hypotheses[히 퍼 떠 띠 즈 2]
아이 카 너 크래스트 2, 인습타파주의자:~ comes from Greek words meaning image breaker. The original ~s were opponents of the use of icons, or sacred images, in certain Christian churches. Today the word is used to refer to someone who attacks popular figures and ideas--a person to whom "nothing is sacred":The popular columnist was an inveterate ~, avidly attacking public figures no matter whawt their party affiliation.
아이 딜 릭 2, 전원적인:They built their house on an ~ spot. There was a babbling brook in back and an unbroken view of wooded hills in front.:An ~ vacation or other experience could also be called an idyll(아이 덜 1)
익 너 미 니 1, 굴욕:After the big scandal, the formerly high-flying investment banker fell into a life of shame and ~.
일 리 앁 2, 불법의:Criminals engage in ~ activities.
이 머 넌트 1, 박두한:The pink glow in the east made it clear that sunrise was ~.:임박한:George had a feeling that disaster was ~, but he couldn't figure out why; then the jumbo jet crashed into his garage.
이 뮤 터 벌 2, 불변의:Jerry's mother had only one ~ rule: no dancing on the dinner table.:Something that is changeable is said to be mutable.:The mutable shoreline shifted continually as the tides moved sand first in one direction and then in another.
임 피 뤼 얼 2, 제국의:England's ~ days are over, no that the British Empire has crumbled away.:황제에어울리는:The palace was decorated with ~ splendor.
임 피 뤼 어쓰 2, 오만한:The director's ~ style rubbed everyone the wrong way; he always seemed to be giving orders, and he never listened to what anyone said.
임 펄 비 어쓰 2, not allowing anything to pass through; impenetrable:A raincoat, if it is any good, is ~ to water. It is made of an ~ material.:David was ~ to criticism--he did what he wanted to do no matter what anyone said.
임 페 추 워쓰 2, 성급한:~ Dick always seemed to be running off to buy a new car, even if he had just bought one the day before.
임 플러 먼트 1, 실행하다:Leo developed a plan for shortening the grass in his yard, but he was unable to ~ it because he didn't have a lawn mower.
임 퍼 턴트 1, 무기력한:Joe and Betty made a few ~ efforts to turn aside the streamroller, but it squished their vegetable garden anyway.:We felt ~ in the face of their overpowering opposition to our plan.
임 퓨운 2, ~에대해이의를제기하다:The critic ~ed the originality of Jacob's novel, claiming that long stretches of it had been lifted from the work of someone else.
이 네인 2, 바보같은:Their plan to make an indoor swimming pool by flooding their basement was ~.n. inanity(이 내 니 티 2)
인 컨 데 썬트 3, brilliant; giving off heat or light:An ~ light bulb is one containing a wire or filament that gives off light when it is heated. An ~ person is one who gives off light or energy in a figurative sense.:Jan's ideas were so ~ that simply being near her made you feel as though you understood the subject for the first time.
인 캔 태이 션 3, 주문:Much to our delight, the wizard's ~ eventually caused the small stone to turn into a sleek black BMW.
인 쎈쓰 2, 몹시화나게하다:Jeremy was ~ed when I told him that even though he was stupid and loathsome, he would always be my best friend.
인 씨 삐 언트 2, beginning; emerging; Sitting in class, Henrietta detected an ~ tingle of boredom that told her she would be asleep.
인 싸이 씨브 2, cutting right to the heart of the matter:When a surgeon cuts into you, he or she makes an incision. To be ~ is to be as sharp as a scalpel[스캘 플, 1] in a figurative sense.:예리한 After hours of debate, Louis offered a few ~ comments that made it immdediately clear to everyone how dumb the original idea had been.
인 칸 그루 어쓰 2, 어울리지않는:The ultramodern kitchen seemed ~ in the restored eighteenth-century farmhouse. It was an incongruity(인 칸 그루 어 티 3)