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Given the Interior Angle, how do you work out the number of sides a regular polygon has?

Take the interior angle away from 180 then divide 360 over whatever answer you got.

What is the Sine Rule?

a = b = c

______ ______ _____
sin A sin B sin C

When is the sine rule used?

When we have two sides and an angle or when we have two angels and a side

What is the cosine rule?

a2= b2 + c2 - 2bc x cosA

When do we use the cosine rule?

When we're given two sides and the angle between them (included angle)

So about them speed and time graphs huh

The area under the graph, as worked out by the trapezium rule, is the distance

What about them line triangle things you do on the graph

Thems are up divide by across