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In a IEEE 802.11 wireless LAN the point of attachment for a wireless connection
access point
An unplanned network of two or more wireless LAN stations under the IEEE 802.11 standard
ad hoc network
A block cipher that resists all efforts to be decrypted
advanced encryption standard
For any wireless network, the area where service is provided
basic service area
In the IEEE 802.11 wireless LAN standard, the 11-bit spreading sequence used in the wireless network.
Barker sequence
a synchronization frame transmitted in a wireless system that provides system timing for the members of the wireless network.
beacon frame
An IEEE 802.11 wireless network of arbitrary size and complexity
extended service set
The European version of a wireless LAN
For the IEEE 802.11 standard, the basic wireless network formed by two radio card - equipped stations.
independent basic service set
In the IEEE 802.11 standard, a form of wireless network access that depends upon a point coordinator network element.
point coordination function (PCF)
The radio transceiver card used in an IEEE 802.11 - enable device.
radio card
Wireless networks that are conforming to the IEEE 802.11 standard.
robust security networks (RSN)
In the IEEE 802.11 standard a mobile wireless LAN device
Slang term given to computer hackers that attempt to locate open wireless networks by driving around with mobile computers running wireless sniffer software.
wireless fidelity
Weak security used by IEEE 802.11 wireless LANS.
wired equivalent privacy
A more advanced form of wireless security.
WiFi protected access (WPA)
The standard for Bluetooth
The Internet is a ____ of ____, based on _____ and ________.
netork, networks, standards, client server technology.
First electronic wireless communications
Standard of Internet communications
PSTN means
public switch telephone network.
Three for pay wireless sites are?
Starbucks, Barnes and Nobles, McDonalds at 42st
802.11 is the standard for?
Wireless Standards have been set by what organization?
Device that converts an Internet Domain name to a numeric Internet IP address is?
WiFi is the common name for what standard?
wireless ethernet/fidelity
Mobile telephones connect to an ISP through the use of
Example of a wireless ISP is
Three free wireless connection sites in NYC area
JavaBrewin, Solar One, Applebees neighborhood grill and bar 50th st.
A type of wireless connection
The internet function used to logon to remote computers is known as
The intergration of wireless devices into a wired network is done through the use of what device?
access point