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How much hard disk space is supported by Windows 2000 Professional using NTFS?
2TB (Terabytes)
Which tool is the primary interface through which most Windows 2000 administrative tasks are performed?
MMC - Microsoft Management Console
True or False:
In NTFS, objects moved within the same volume or partition retain their original NTFS permissions.
What two types of multitasking are supported by Windows 2000?
Cooperative and Pre-emptive multitasking
True or False:

Windows 2000 runs on top of DOS.
Which Applet should you use to add Windows components distributed on the Windows 2000 Professional CD?
Add/Remove Programs
Which Applet can be used to change Domain or Workgroup membership?
The System applet.
How much memory is supported by Windows 2000 Professional?
4 GB
What does NTFS stand for?
New Technology File System.
When logical drives are present on a basic storage device, how many primary partitions can exist?
Three. (Remember, Logical drives require an extended partition)
What is the page size used by the VMM (Virtual Memory Manager) in Windows 2K?
Which storage method uses primary and extended partitions?
How many primary partitions can be active at one time?
True or False:
In NTFS, when a new object is created, it always assumes the permissions (and other settings and attributes) of its parent or container.
What are the four products in the Windows 2000 family?
Windows 2000 Professional
Windows 2000 Server
Windows 2000 Advanced Server
Windows 2000 Datacenter Server
Home/Office Desk, Presentation and Portable/Laptop are examples of predefined what?
Power Options Settings.
True or False:
NTFS volumes created under Windows 2000 cannot be accessed by any other operating system.
True. Volumes are Dynamic drives, which are only supported by Windows 2000.
All Windows 2000 processes operate in one of two modes. What are they?
Kernal mode and User mode.
True or False:
A scheduled task can function only on the system where it was defined.
The unit of memory used by the Virtual Memory Manager is called what?
A Page
What essential piece of documentation should be consulted when configuring a Windows 2000 machine?
The HCL (Hardware Compatibility List)
Through which applet can you access troubleshooting help for an audio card?
Add/Remove Hardware and Sounds and Multimedia.
Which tool is used to ensure that a newly installed device is functioning properly?
Device Manager. (Can be accessed from both the System and Administrative Tools applets)
What are extensions used for in the context of the MMC?
To add functionality to stand alone snap-ins
In Windows 2000, all direct access to hardware is mediated by what component?
HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer).
Which Applet is used to configure Toggle Keys and SoundSentry?
Accessibility Options
How much hard disk space is supported by Windows 2000 Professional using FAT16?
Where can you define the utilities to handle e-mail, newsgroups, online calls and contacts?
Internet Options
Which partition hosts the main Windows 2000 system files and is the initital default location for the paging file?
Boot partition.
True or False:
Using snap-ins, you can create .msc consoles that include only the functionality that you need.
How many CPU's can Windows 2000 Professional support?
What tool is used to upgrade a basic disk to a dynamic disk?
The Disk Management Tool.
True or False:
Upgrading a basic drive to a dynamic drive does not cause data loss or any change in the existing partition structure.
True. However, the dynamic disk should be a non-system disk.
What happens when a user presses the CTRL+ALT+DELETE key combination after booting in Windows 2000?
The logon screen appears.
What version of Windows NT can access Windows 2000 NTFS Volumes?
Windows NT 4.0 with Service Pack 4 or higher applied.
What command-line tool would you use to convert from FAT/FAT32 to NTFS?
What two methods does Windows 2000 use to access formatted volumes?
Drive letters and Mount Points.
True or False:
The only file system supported by Windows 2000 that offers file level security is NTFS.
True or False:
Windows 2000 can only be installed onto basic storage type partitions.
True or False:
When moving or copying an object from an NTFS volume to a FAT volume, all NTFS settings are lost and the object inherits the FAT attributes and settings of its new container.
True or false:
Once Windows 2000 is installed, the boot partition can be transformed into a dynamic storage device.
True. (However, the System partition MUST remain a basic storage device)
What two networking models are supported in Windows 2000?
Workgroup and Domain.
True or false:
Dynamic storage structures can be expanded on the fly without rebooting Windows 2000.
What are the two types of storage supported by Windows 2000?
Basic and Dynamic.
What file systems does Windows 2000 support?
FAT, FAT32 and NTFS.