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Western Anemone (Budding)

Western Anemone (Flowering)

Western Anemone (Ripening Fruit)

Western Anemone (Releasing Seed)

American Bistort (Budding)

American Bistort (Flowering)

American Bistort (Ripening Fruit)

American Bistort (Releasing Seed)

Avalanche Lily (Budding)
Avalanche Lily (Flowering)

Avalanche Lily (Ripening Fruit)

Avalanche Lily (Releasing Seed)

Bracted Lousewort (Budding)

Bracted Lousewort (Flowering)

Bracted Lousewort (Ripening Fruit)

Bracted Lousewort (Releasing Seed)

Gray's Lovage (Budding)

Gray's Lovage (Flowering)

Gray's Lovage (Ripening Fruit)

Gray's Lovage (Releasing Seed)

Mountain Daisy (Budding)

Mountain Daisy (Flowering)

Mountain Daisy (Ripening Fruit)

Mountain Daisy (Releasing Seed)

North Microseris (Budding)

North Microseris (Flowering)

North Microseris (Ripening Fruit)

North Microseries (Releasing Seed)

Sitka Valerian (Budding)

Sitka Valerian (Flowering)

Sitka Valerian (Ripening Fruit)

Sitka Valerian (Releasing Seed)

Subalpine Lupine (Budding)

Subalpine Lupine (Flowering)

Subalpine Lupine (Ripening Fruit)

Subalpine Lupine (Releasing Seed)

Magenta Paintbrush (Budding)

Magenta Paintbrush (Flowering)

Magenta Paintbrush (Ripening Fruit)

Magenta Paintbrush (Releasing Seed)

Scarlet Paintbrush (Budding)

Tall Bluebell (Budding)

Tall Bluebell (Flowering)

Tall Bluebell (Ripening Fruit)

Tall Bluebell (Releasing Seed)

Glacier Lily (Budding)

Glacier Lily (Flowering)

Glacier Lily (Ripening Fruit)

Glacier Lily (Releasing Seed)

Sharptooth Angelica (Budding)

Sharptooth (Flowering)

Sharptooth Angelica (Ripening Fruit)

Sharptooth Angelica (Releasing Seed)

Broadleaf Arnica (Budding)

Broadleaf Arnica (Flowering)

Broadleaf Arnica (Ripening Fruit)

Broadleaf Arnica (Releasing Seed)

Cascade Aster (Budding)

Cascade Aster (Flowering)

Cascade Aster (Ripening Fruit)

Cascade Aster (Releasing Seed)