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Dawes Act
-End Indian ownership of land
-walk the white mans road
Technological Advances were:
1. Barbed wire
2. Beef Cattle Raising
3. Dry Farming
4. Steel Plows
5. Sod Houses
6. Railroads
The Transcnontinental Railroad was built to:
Link the Eastern and Western states together
and most employed were immigrants
Who settled the West?
-Railroad Workers
Fort Laramie Treaty:
The right to live and hunt on their land forever and they would recieve money, tools, and domestic animals if they stayed on their land
Physical features/Climates of the Great Plains were:
-Frequent duststorms
-Little Rainfall
-Land was eroded by wind and water
-Flatlands gradually rose from East to West
What caused the destruction of Native American way of life?
-extermination of buffalo
-forcibly pushed into reservations by the U.S. government
-treaties were constantly broken by the U.S.
-Settlers invaded their land
Why did Westward Expansion occur?
It occured because of the Homestead Act, opportunities for former slaves, the thought of finding gold or silver, and because of technological advances.
The Homestead Act was:
-when the government granted 160 acres of land in the West if the people built a house on the land and worked it for five years. They also had to be an American citizen