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Jane Addams
founded Hull House - settlement house - precursored community centers & rehabilitation homes. 1931 Nobel
Elijah Anderson
ethnography; studied drug abuse, job loss, service decrease, & exodus of middle-income pop in 2 Phila neighborhoods
black Elijah the abusa from the city of brotherly love
Robert Bellah
soc/religion: individualism & commitment --> new constructivism - meaning constructed by resisting/undermining social controls
Bellah construction company
Monica Boyd
GENDER INEQUALITY, changing family forms, international migration, & ETHNIC STRATIFICATION
the Boyd family
Robert J. Brym
political sociology, race/ethnic relations, soc/culture; Internet dating; Russian civil service recruitment & mobility; 2000 World Values Survey
Brymming w/ studies
S.D. Clark
Canadian social development: process of disorganization & reorganization on economic frontiers; emphasis: society re-establishes equilibrium post-economic change
SD = social development
August Comte
founded modern sociology; social order E scientific method; positivism; true knowledge E observing world; SOCIAL DYNAMICS, SOCIAL STATICS; social order; SOCIOLOGY
Charles Horton Cooley
"LOOKING-GLASS SELF" - sense of self derived E perceptions of others
cOOley = lOOking
Marja Dabrowska
Poland: social change - social & economic reform; 1950s: critical of Communism
W.E.B. DuBois
race in US; NAACP; social inequality & discrimination - b/w blacks & whites & b/w successful & less successful blacks
Emile Durkheim
France: 1st professor of sociology; human behavior E "social facts"/social context - define constraints & oppotunities; Europe: Suicide
Magrit Eichler
feminist methodology; Canada: family policy
the two Fs
Bonnie Fox
gender inequality: women's position in paid labor force & unpaid work in home
Fox in the hen house: work at home
Sigmund Freud
"cathartic method" - recall of forgotten events; free association - make conscious of elements of unconscious; unconscious depends heavily on infantile sexuality & Oedipus complex; self emerges E early social interaction & early childhood experience = personality development impact
Rosemary Gartner
homicide, crime deterrence, violence against women, & historical & cross-national variation in criminal violence
friend of Adie's
Jane Gaskell
school choice policies; gender equity: schools
Skell = school
Carol Gilligan
moral development: cultural standards parents & teachers pass on to children (moral development socially differentiated & does not follow universal rules)
Gilligan:little buddy
moral codes onto little buddies
Erving Goffman
"dramaturgical" approach to symbolic interactionism: way ppl manage identities to create desired impressions on "audience"
the 142nd fastest drama queen in the west
Neil Guppy
social inEquality, sustainability & Environ, & Education
Jack Haas
sociology of addiction and recovery
Harry & Margaret Harlow
monkeys: w/ wire mesh mother = unable to interact w/ other monkeys normally; raised w/ terry cloth mother = less emotional distress --> emotional development requires affectionate cradling
Graham Knight
modern social thry, politcal sociology & sociology of MASS MEDIA
sounds like the name of an anchorman
Harvey Krahn
social stratification, sociology of work & education, social science research methods, & public policy
Gordon Laxer
principal invesitgator of a 5-year research project on Neo-liberal Globalism & its Challengers: Sustainability in the Semi-periphery
Rhonda Lenton
writer in areas of gender, family violence, & health,
give up violence for Lenton
Thomas Robert Malthus
English economist, sociologist, & founder of modern study of pop; checks & balances: limit human pop, incl disease, war, famine, & "moral restraint"; poverty, violence, & discord = natural components of society: pop size & levels of subsistence
Mal th us = bad theory for us
Karl Mannheim
social values; ideas s/b analyzed w/in social context; sociology of knowledge
values w/in Manheim twp
Harriet Martineau
1st female sociologist & writer; trans Comte; wrote 1 of 1st books on sociological research methods; slavery, factory laws, & gender inequality; voting rights & higher education for women, gender equality in family --> 1 of 1st feminists
sociological aristocracy
Karl Marx
conflict b/w society's main social classes = major sociohistorical changes ; capitalism --> misery & collective strength among workers --> take state power & create classless society - production based on rather than profit; Communist Manifesto: thry of class division, proletariat, bourgeoisie
George Herbert Mead
development of mind & relation to self; sense of selves derived E interaction w/in social environ & language --> SOCIAL BEHAVIORISM
Herb rots the mind and makes you do weird things
Robert King Merton
functionalism made flexible; social structures not always functional, & m/b dysfunctional; sociology of science: On the Shoulder of Giants - creativity, tradition, plagiarism, transmission of knowledge, concept of progress; SELF-FULFILLING PROPHECY, ROLE MODEL; created precursor of the focus group
I'll NEVER get Merton!!!
C. Wright Mills
sociological imagination = ppl see how actions & potential affected by social & historical context; POWER ELITE; society t/b democratic, power m/b distributed among citizens
imagine powerful mills
Joanne Naiman
social justice & social change issues; publicly-funded education
Naiman the price
Adie Nelson
criminology, victimology, gender, & sexuality; sociology of law & criminolgy; monograph on commercialization of crime
ADIE is a crime
Talcott Parsons
constructed system of classifying various characteristics of societies --> STRUCTURAL-FUNCTIONAL THEORY
Lillian Rubin
participant-observation; race, ethnicity, & gender divide working class
what you do w/ a RUBIx cube
Vic Satzewich
researcher in areas of racism, migration, First Nations studies, & Ukrainian diaspora
William Shaffir
identity maintenance & socialization; Hasidim: boundary maintenance & social organization; professional socialization of medical students; becoming religious & falling E faith; field research methods
Georg Simmel
German philosopher & sociologist; German sociology as independent discipline
Georg Simmel for German Sociology
Dorothy E. Smith
feminist sociology pioneer
sister suffragette
Herbert Spencer
philosopher, evolutionary biologist, & sociologist; analyzed how individuals become differentiated E groups & gain increasing freedom
your freedom will cost a 6 pence
William Graham Sumner
American sociologist & economist: customs, folkways, & mores; ETHNOCENTRISM - tendency to regard one's own culture & group as standard, & superior to others
Charles Tilly
large-scale social change & relation to contentious politics in Western Europe; state formation & social movements
CHArles = CHAnge
Ferdinand Tonnies
historical society: modern society; self-interest as primary social force; "loss of community" --> GEMEINSCHAFT & GESELLSCHAFT - characterize degree of social solidarity & social control
Lester Frank Ward
paleontologist & 1 of 1st American sociologists; TELESIS: planned progress of education & intellect direct social evolution
TELEvision WARDen
Max Weber
Germany's greatest sociologist; "debate w/ Marx's ghost"; economic circumstances alone do not explain capitalism rise; religious developments = + capitalist development consequences; capitalism not give way to socialism, but growth of bureaucracy & overall "rationalization" of life
Max v. Marx
Sandy Welsh
work, organizations, & gender; women's experience w/ filing sexual harassment complaints