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I show the inside and outside of an all night restaurant.
My painter showed people who seem very alone.

Answer: Edward Hopper

I show four soft clocks. They bend over edges, and seem almost liquid. My name is The persistance of Memory.

Artist: Salvidore Dali.

My brillant blues and yellows let you feel the heavens above. My name is Starry Night.

Painter: Vincent Van Gough

You look at a mother who is watching her baby sleep. My name is The Cradle

Painter: Berthe Morisot

When you look at me you can see so much, even though you only see a part. My name is Poppy.

Artist: Georgia O'Keefe
I ask the question: "When will you marry me?" My name is Nafea Faa Ipoipo.

Painter: Paul Gauguin
I was painted long ago, and am known for my wonderful smile! My name is "Mona Lisa".

Painter: Leonardo Da Vinci
In my picture I show a woman in a striped dress giving ther little girl a bath. I am called The Bath.

Painter: Mary Cassatt.
I'm known for telling about the horror of war, even though I show no real descriptions. My name is Guernica.

Artist: Pablo Picasso
In my picture, I am holding my hands to my head, I stand on a bridge and you know my name is The Scream.

Painter: Edvard Munch