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Who were the people who inhabited Crete?
the Minoans
What was the Minoan civilization based on? (what were they famous for)
they were traders. they didnt try and conquest things.
What was the status of the Minoan women?
they appeared freely in public. they had more rights than normal. (possibly because there was a mother goddess in the MInoan religion)
What are some of the possible reasons that the Minoan civilization ended?
-Mycenean invasions
Who are the first Greek speaking people of whom we have a record of?
the myceneans
Which groups were part of the Trojan war?
Myceneans v. Troy
What did the Myceneans want that Troy had?
They controlled vital straits. Also, the Trojan prince kidnapped Helen. The myceneans were hoping to rescue her.
Who found evidence that the Trojan War existed?
German man named Heinrich Shliemann
What caused the Mycenean vicilization to crumble? What happened after this downfall?
Dorian invasions. After Mycenae fell, many people forgot skills such as writing. Civilization seemed to step backward.
What is the chief source of info. about the Trojan war?
Homer's poem- The Iliad
What does the Odyssey tell of?
the struggles of greek hero odysseus to return to his faithful wife.
The Greeks were skilled...
sailors. their bays provided safe harbors for ships.
what was a major greek contribution?
they expanded the alphebet
What were the Greek forms of gov. in order and describe them.
1. monarchy- king/queen
2. aristocracy- noble landowners
3. oligarchy- business class
What are Helots?
slaved captured by Spartans. they worked the land.
Describe the 4 parts of the Spartan gov.
Council of elders to supervise
assembly of citizens
5 elected ephors- ran day to day affairs
Describe the Athenian governments.
Who is Solon?
he was appointed archon of Athens. he made many reforms and furthered democracy and economic reforms.
who was Pisistratus?
he was an Athenian tyrant. He helped farmers and poor people to weaken Aristocracy.
Who is Cleisthenes?
he develped the Council of 500 and the legislature.
What is the Council of 500?
Athens. It was a council of citizens who worked in gov.
Did girls recieve education in Athens?
No. The democracy in Athens was very limited.
Who are barbarai?
people who didnt speak Greek
Who was King Darius and what did he do?
he was a persian king. he fought in the persian wars. (sent ships to attack. athens helped greece. darius then attacked athens. athens won).
Who was Pheidippides?
he ran 26.2 miles to deliver the news of the Athenian victory against King Darius.
Who was Themistocles?
he urged athenians to build a fleet of warships to prepare for persian attacks.
who was xerxes and what did he do?
he was darius's son and fought in the persian war. (they attacked greece. sparta defended Thermopylae mountain pass. persia marched into athens but they were in the fleet of warships. they won)
who won the persian wars?
what was the Delian League?
organization- greece against persia athens dominated the league. they used the money to help rebuild their city.
who was Pericles?
he was an athenian ruler. under his rule, democracy thrived. GOLDEN AGE OF PRICLES. he let poor men serve in government.
What kind of democracy did Athens have later on?
Direct democracy
What was the Peloponesian League?
Sparta and the rest of Greece against Athens
What 2 types of governments clashed between athens and sparta?
democracy v. oligarchy
Who won the Peloponesian war and who was it against?
Sparta and everyone (even Persia) against Athens. Athens lost.
Who were the sophists?
they encouraged rhetoic.
who was a critic of the Sophists?
Who said "the unexamined life is not worth living"?
Who was Plato and what did he do?
he was a student of socrates. he set of the Academy. he didnt like democracy. instead...he wanted philosophers to rule. didn't look down upon women.
who was aristotle?
plato's student. he wanted gov. by one leader. encouraged the MODERATE MEAN. he set of the Lyceum.
Who set up the Lyceum?
who set up the Academy?
Who wrote the Republic?
Who did the Greek festivals honor?
Who wrote Antigone?
sophocles NOT socrates
Who wrote many Greek comedies and what was one of the famous play he wrote?
Who was the "Father of History"?
Who tutored Alexander?
Who conquered Persia?
What happened after Persia was conquested?
the generals just divided up the empire once again.
What was Alexander's legacy?
he spread Greek culture. Hellenistic civilization arose.
What city was at the heart of the Hellenistic civilization?
Name 3 important things in Alexandria
1. markets
2. Pharos- lighthouse
3. Museum- huge library
Which civilization allowed women to be involved in day to day affairs?
What was Stoicism and who founded it?
Zeno- avoiding desires and disspointments
Who was pythagoras?
he invented the pythagorean theorem.
Who was Euclid?
- the elements
Who was Aristarchus?
he said the earth rotated on its axis and orbited the sun.
Who was Archimedes?
lever and pulley.
Who was Hippocrates?
studied medicine. Hippocratic oath.