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Who said "I have freed Germany from the death sentence of versailles?"


How did WWI lead to WWII? (2)

Bad treaties, economic depression

Why were the German people upset about the treaty of versailles? (4)

reparations, war guilt, demilitarization, disarment

Allies powers? (2) Axis Powers? (3)

allies= England and France

axis= Germany, Italy, and Japan

What does Blitzgrieg mean?

lighting war

Who used blitzgrieg first and what did it involve?

Used by Poland, involved 3 forces: air, tanks, troops

What were the new weapons of WWII? (9)

improved tanks, improved planes, improved machines, aircraft carriers, atom bomb, V1 and V2 rockets, jet planes, radar

What was the Enigma and what happened to its code?

Polish intercepting agent, it was handed over to allies and Britts cracked its code

What was the significance of Operation Barberosa regarding Russias involvement in the war?

it foreced Russia to join allies, created 2 front war for germany

What were japans imperialistic goals?
to get the west out and build asian empire

What was our involvement with Japan prior to their attack on pearl harbor? (2 things)

to put an embargo against steel and oil, froze all their assets in USA

What event caused the US to activly enter the war?

Pearl Harbor, December 7th 1941

What were the goals of the Anglo American Conference and who were the two main leaders?

goal= to establish the Atlantic Charter

main leaders= Chruchhill and FDR

What was Hitlers "scorched earth" policy?

soldiars retreating were told to burn everything coming into Berlin so the allies could not get in

Who became president when Roosavelt died in office?

Harry S. Truman

What was the Manhattan Project that began in 1942?

creation of the atomic bomb

After the surrender of germany, who were the "big three"?

Truman, Stalin, Atlee

What did Truman reveal to Russia at the Potsdam conference?

the existance of the atomic bomb

Why did the US use the atomic bomb at Hiroshima and Nagasaki? (2 real 1 unofficial)

Real: to save american lives that would have been lost if it was a ground war, japan would not surrender without this

Unofficial: revenge for Pearl Harbor

5 main results of WWII

-Nuclear arms race leading to Cold War

-Fascism collapsed

-France now has 4th and 5th republic

-US and USSR emerge as two new superpowers

-United Nations (UN) formed

Underlining causes of WWII: (7)

1. WWI

2. Failure of American Dawes Plan

3. Failure of Wiemar Republic

4. Failure of League of Nations

5. Hitlers Pre-War aggression

6. democracies were too passive

7. aggression of other powers

Immidiate Cause of WWII

Hitlers Invasion of Poland

What is a Cold War?

escolation of nuclear equipment but not actually using it, ideological war between two opposing world views

How did WWII lead to the Cold War? (3)

1. clash of ideologies

2. Truman revealing existance of atomic bomb

3. disagreement over disposition of Germany between Stalin and allies

Who were the two superpowers during Cold War?


What was the stance of the newly developing third world countries during the Cold War?

agreed not to pick sides and not to be involved

When did the Communist regimes in Eastern Europe collapse?


Underlying Causes of WWI: (8)

1. Pre-War Alliances

2. Imperialism

3. Rise of Radical Nationalist tenision in Balkans

4. Mandatory Militarization

5. Pre-War military war plans

6. Arms Race

7. Naval Race

8. Failed Diplomacy

Immediate Cause of WWI:

Shooting of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his Wife Sophie

Who were the members of the Triple Entente (3)? Triple Alliance (3)?

Triple Entente: Britain, France, Russia

Triple Alliance: Germany, Italy, Austria-Hungary

What counrtry would change sides and why?

Italy- only agreed to fight in defensive war; not offensive

How was the war in Western Europe developing differently from the war in Eastern Europe?

Western Europe: stalemate, war of attrition

Eastern Europe: more traditional war, moving fronts

What was the Trench Warfare?

War of attrition; machine guns and long range artillary , no mans land

What were the new weapons used in WWI? (4)

flamethrowers, torpedoes, machine guns, chemical bonds

What was the Schleiffen Plan and why didnt it work?

A german plan to avoid a two front war-go through Belgium- take France- then head back to tackle russia

-didnt work because belgium resisted and Russia was all ready mobiligical

What made the US abandon its basic policy of isolation and enter the war? (3)

-Germany had boost in shipping

-Working of the __________

-__________ telogram

What was the significance of the Bolshevick Revolution 1917 regarding Russias involvement in WWI? (4)

-Russia dropped out of War, signed _________ treaty with Germany, and Germany only had a ___ front war, Russia now under Bolshevick control

What was President Wilsons 14-point plan? (5)

-League of Nations

-Open sea trade

-open diplomacy

-end imperialism

-End arms race

When and how did WWI officially end?

-November 11th, 1918 at 11:00 am

-Germans surrender under first 4 of 14 point plan

Who were the big 3 at the Paris Peace Conference in 1919? What treaty was signed at this confernce?

Wilson (US), David George (Brittain), Clemenceau (France)

-Signed the Treaty of Versailles

Totalitarian Leaders during WWII: (3)

-Stalin (Communist/USSR), Mussolini (Facism/Italy), Hitler (Nazism/Germany)

Stalins goals of USSR: (3)

-make russia a world power

-rapidly industrialize

-complete state control of industry and agriculture

Hitlers goals of Germany: (3)

-to build a greater germany by having all german people under one Reich

-to purify the german race by exterminating all jews

-to destroy communism and conquor soviet land

Mussolinis goals of Italy: (3)

-to replace marxism with facism

-to make Italy a united world power; create Roman Empire

-to use corporativism (corporations supervised by the state)

Characteristics of Totaltarian Leaders: (4)

-dictators with unlimited power

-government dominated by 1 political power

-use violence and terror against own people

-control education systems and mass media; brainwash their youth