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you are (ti)
rwyt ti
you have (ti)
rwyt ti wedi
you were (ti)
ro't ti
you had (ti)
ro't ti wedi
you will (ti)
byddi di
you will have (ti)
byddi di wedi
you will look (ti)
edrychi di
you looked (ti)
edrychest ti
you would be (ti)
byddet ti
baset ti
if you were (ti)
taset ti
pe baet ti
you should (ti)
dylet ti
you should have (ti)
dylet ti fod wedi
I am
dw i
I have been
dw i wedi
I was
ro'n i
I had
ro'n i wedi
I will
bydda i
I will have
bydda i wedi
I will look
edrycha i
I looked
edryches i
I would (be)
baswn i
byddwn i
if I were
taswn i
pe bawn i
I should
dylwn i
I should have
dylwn i fod wedi
we are
'dyn ni
we have
'dyn ni wedi
we were
ro'n ni
we had
ro'n ni wedi
we will
byddwn ni
we will have
byddwn ni wedi
we will look
edrychwn ni
we looked
edrychon ni
we would (be)
basen ni
bydden ni