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a noticeable or conspicuous place

Classroom climate

the atmosphere in the classroom


when the students move from one activity to another

Classroom management

this is how a teacher runs a supportive classroom

Sponge activity

this is a short activity students do before actual instruction begins


Being lenient toward the rules

Alternative Ed. Prog.


Placement for disruptive students

Conflict resolution

strategies/strategy for settling solutions

Learning Center

an area where students can go to learn independently


the results that logically or naturally follow from an action


requiring strict obedience to rules


System of positive guidance to regulate student behavior

Maslow's Hierachy of Needs

range from lower level needs for survival and safety to higher level needs for self-understanding and intellectual achievement (Higher needs can't be met until lower needs are met first)


amount a student has learned in a certain subject area


set of rules for performing a task

Deductive Reasoning

moving from a general rule to more specific details

Empathetic Listening

communicating understanding' of students' feelings by putting yourself in their place

Formative assessment

measurement taking place both before and during instruction to guide lesson pace and planning

Holistic Evaluation

Judging the overall quality of project or paper

Inductive reasoning

Moving from specific info. to general conclusion

Inquiry or Discovery Learning

Obtaining info. by asking a question or investigating a problem

Instructional stratedy

Plan for how a lesson will be taught


a memory aid including tricks to aid in recall of information

(Every Good Boy Does Fine- ex.)

Needs Assessment

Discovering what is needed as a 1st step in determining a plan of action to address a problem or instructional goal

Percentile score

test score in comparison to other scores


a sample test given before content is presented to see what they know about the subject


to say again in another way


set of scoring guidelines for evaluating student work to ensure consistency in grading

Summative assessment

Measurement following instruction to summarize students' learning and the teacher's instructional methods