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How did Burnham's Chicago plan address social issues?
Burnham's "Sity Beautiful Movement.
A.)He wanted to stress civic pride and instill it in the people that lived there.
B.)He was also dealing with the existing problematic city, but he was not a aocial reformer.
What was the Cadbury Brother's response to urban conditions?
They could not understand why cities did not include parks and factories. They started urban housing associations. They decided to take the factory out of london and put it in a garden.
What was the goal of howard's garden city design.
A third alternative(3 magnet attraction)- the marriage of the goodness of the city and the country together.
Characteristics of the garden city. Name first 4
1-Marriage of the city and country
2-Transportation-a mainline railway/connection to ther markets.
3-Limiting Size-city:1,000 acres, agriculture surroundings:5,000acres, population:32,000
4-No private ownership
Characteristics of the garden city. Name 2nd 4
5-Creating wards or neighborhoods so that people feel like a community
6-Parks and avenues
7-Industry-places for people to go to get work
8-Disperse population when the place gets too big, start a 2nd city garden
What are letchworth and Welwyn?
Examples of living garden cities with all characteristics. They matched Howards spirit.
What's the major difference b/w a garden city and a suburb?
The garden city was an all encompassing invention unlike the suurb.
Name Le Corbusier's 3 essential joys.
Sunlight, greenness, and openness.
What are the general characteristics of Le Corbusiers City of Towers?
Buildings in parks and on stilts. This left only a small imprint of the buildings. Free flowing space was his solution. This was also removing the disease portion of the city- the poor working class and slums. The towers lifted them up from all that.