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What is the Trickle Down effect?
Started with the high grounds or rich elite and trickled down to the populists. A trend starts and everyone else follows it. Ex. A certain type of pants become popular and everyone immediatly buys a pair.
A popular trend
What sort of architect and landscape architect did Downing advocate?
Sees country farmhouses in a landscape without feeling. They are boring and have no effect on him inside. Believes that if you have good taste, put beautiful trees in the background and place the house in a very natural setting. He;s setting a trend here, his clients were the elite.
Country Farmhouses
Describe the swing in landscape architecture and explain two influences of the change?
The swing was brought about b/c once something became popularized, it HAD to change.
A.)Columbian Expo-influenced many common residences of the common people.
B.)Charles Pratt-well known painter, looked at the physicaform of places.
Swing the other way, change direction
What was platt's inspiration? Describe the elements of a Platt design, and who were his clients?
Influenced by the swing. Enclosed outdoor rooms, vertical dividers, special definition, and a softening or more naturalistic landscape only much further away from the main quarters.
4 characteristics-geometry, enclosure, axis, and form change.
What were 3 impacts(1+, 2-) of this new trend?
Pos= It was a diff. and fresh option.
Neg= The designs are a result of taste and devoid of meaning.
Neg= The architecture became the domain of the elite, not the public.