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What is unweathered rock?
What is topsoil?
The smallest particles, organic
What are pressure changes?
Occur under the earth with a large amount of pressure.
How do animals cause physical weathering?
They dig in the soil.
What are the layers of soil formation?
topsoil, subsoil, partly weathered rock, unweathered rock
What forces break rocks?
physical and chemical changes and weathering
What are physical changes?
Changes when there is a new chemical makeup.
What are the agents for chemical weathering?
Acids, oxygen, plants
What is earth's surface made of?
igneous, sedimentary, metamorphic rocks
When does ice change the shape of the land?
When it melts.
What is frost action?
Rain seeping into cracks of rock that freezes and breaks up the rock.
What forces build up the earth's surface?
Plates that move slowly past or away from each other.
How does wind cause physical weathering?
Has dust and sand that act like sandpaper.
How do plants cause physical weathering?
Their roots break up rocks.
What does ice contain to be an agent of erosion?
soil, rocks, boulders that act like scraping tools
How does soil form?
By the weathering of rocks, physical and chemical.
What can a stream do to cause erosion?
It can change the shape of the land.
What is erosion?
Agents are water, wind, and ice.
What are the differents types of acids?
plants, mosses, lichens, fossil fuels, carbonic, and sulfuric
What is metamorphic rock?
Rock that is changed by heat or pressure.
What is subsoil?
Larger particles, clay and minerals
How does air cause chemical weathering?
By oxidation.
What type of process is weathering?
A slow process
What causes physical weathering?
frost action,pressure changes, moving water, wind, plants, animals
What is acid rain?
a mixture of acid and rainwater
Partly weathered rock cannot support what?
Plant life
How is water an agent of erosion?
Water has energy.
What is chemical weathering?
Breaking of rocks by changing its chemical makeup.
How does moving water cause weathering?
Waves pound rocks and they crack.
What are plates responsible for?
formation of mountains, volcanoes and earthquakes.
What is sedimentary rock?
Small pieces of rock called sediment.
What is a chemical change?
A new substance is formed
How do soils differ?
From amounts and kinds of materials they contain and the climate.
How does wind cause erosion?
Has energy that leaves sediments that can form sand dunes.
How is ice an agent of erosion?
The gravity and energy it contains.
What is igneous rock?
Rock that is melted material that cools and hardens.