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What do you call the high, white, feathery clouds that are usually seen with fair weather?
Thunderstorms generally form along what kind of front?
What do we mean when we say that the air is saturated?
the air is holding all the water vapor that it can
What do we call bodies of air that have the same properties as the regions over which they develop?
air mass
What is formed when two air masses meet?
What is the symbol for an occluded front? for a warm front? for a cold front? for a stationary front?
warm front cold front

stationary front occluded front
What do you call the temperature at which water vapor turns to liquid?
What is the hydrosphere?
the Earth's water environment
Dark clouds that produce precipitation are called.....
What kind of clouds are thick and puffy?
What is sleet?
rain that freezes as it falls to the ground
what do we call moisture that falls to the ground as snow, rain, sleet, or hail?
What is another name for an area of high presure?
areas of low pressure are also known as.....
How does air flow in a low in the Northern hemisphere?
counterclockwise and to the center
How does air flow in a high in the Northern hemisphere?
clockwise and out from the center
What do you call a person who forecasts the weather?
Why can water form on surfaces at night even when there are no clouds?
air temperature near the ground reaches the dew point
How are air masses classified?
1) their overall moisture content

2) their temperature
What is the name of the instrument that is used to measure wind speed?
What instrument is used to measure relative humidity?
What instrument is used to measure air pressure?
What insturment is used to measure the heat energy in something?
What does Maritime mean?

What does Continental mean?
Maritime means moist

continental means dry
What does Polar mean?

What does Tropical mean?
Polar means cold

Tropical means warm
An air mass that is cool moist and high pressure would be....
Polar Maritime
An air mass that is cool dry and high pressure would be..
Polar continental
An air mass that is warm, dry and low pressure would be...
Tropical continental
An air mass that is warm moist and low pressure is....
Tropical maritime
On a weather map, what are the lines that connect points of equal pressure called?
What is transpiration?
Water that is lost from plant leaves by evaporation
What do you call the very high belt of rapidly moving air which pulls the air masses below?
Jet stream
What is s super cell?
rapidly rotating thunderstorm
What is the name of the cloud that drops down right before a tornado?
Wall cloud
What is the eye of the hurricane?
the clear column of air in the center of the rotating hurricane
What do you call a violent whirling wind that moves over a narrow path called?
What do you call the energy that is part of water vapor?
Latent energy
The Earth's rotation has an effect on winds that causes them to turn and spiral. What is this called?
Draw the symbol for a cyclone.

Draw the symbol for an anticyclone.