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What are network attacks that bypass the firewall?
Tunneling and application based attacks.
822 - Ground hogs do this and Word 2003 docs can cause.
Areas of consideration for network planning include the
Licensing mode
804 - It is not the frequency of message traffic.
Under what class of ESD would an item fall if it was sensitive to 900 volts?
433 - it is not category 4.
After the system completes the Power-on self-test, what happens next?
The master boot record is loaded and executed.
810 - This is found on the 1st physical sector of the hard drive.
What Windows NT line command is used to manually collect interface statistics on a particular network node?
817 - not ping, it actually the answer is part of the question.
What Unix line command is used to manually collect interface statistics on a particular network node?
917 - same as the windows command with an "r" added to it.
ESD items sensitive to more than 4000 but less than 15,000 volts fall into category
Light signals in fiber optic cables can travel distances in excess of how many miles before they need to be boosted?
100 miles
606 - a nice round number.
In what type of key cryptography are keys so different, that it would be possible to publicize one without danger of anyone being able to derive or compute the other?
Asymetric cypher.
What type of network server is dedicated to an intensive application or database
Member servers
What NCC function remotely performs the functions and duties of a DCS Primary Systems Control Facility, a patch and test facility and a DCS switching center when it is technically and economically feasible?
Configuration management.
602 - This is what you do when you first bring a server up.
What is the third logical step in troubleshooting?
Resolve the problem.
435 - Git er done!
What is the primary device used for connecting these networks, both within and between networks?
617 - This is the way you git there.
What are the network connections through which network traffic enters and exits a router called?
618 - Software on a datalink server.
Who is the approval authority for primary COMSEC responsibility officer (CRO) grade waivers?
The COMSEC manager.
What do you type to change to the Bourne shell?
412 - Don't add a b.
AF Forms 1109 are destroyed after
90 days.
202 - not 30