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Goerge Washington
First president (whoa)
Did not SEEK the job
Set many precedents
The precedents
Veto used only if bill was unconstitutional
Cabinet cronies
Jefferson, Secretary of State
Hamilton, Secretary of Treasury

strong central (Federalism) vs. strong state gov.
National Bank
goal: regulate and strengthen economy
The debate over the bank's constitutionality
Jefferson & Madison were strict constructionists: not a enumered power

Hamilton was a broad constructionist - implied power
National debt relieved by Hamilton
Federal gov assumed the states' debt (increasing its power) and debts of those with western lands.

Favored north because they had the debts. Moved Capital to south (washington DC)
French Revolution
Jefferson-pro France
Hamilton was aristocratic - pro Britain

Neutrality followed (Britain economic ties were essential)
Edmond Genet visited America from France
Demonstrations by Americans
Rallies organized by Democratic-Republican society/party
Whiskey Rebellion
Washington believed it was instigated by D-R's that resisted duty on whiskey

Crushed by Federalist military (alienated many Federalists)
Jay Treaty
Unpopular, but ratified by Congress

Washington established EXECUTIVE PRIVILEGE when he refused to allow congress to see treaty documents.
End of Washington presidency
Did not run for 3rd term (precedent)

Farewell address - "steel clear of permanent alliances with any portion of the foreign world" (THIS IS SUPER, SUPER IMPORTANT)
John Adams, Federalist
At that time, second place candidate was VP (Jefferson)
was unlikable, did not get along with fellow Hamilton
Adam's greatest achievement
avoiding war with France.

XYZ affair - French officials demanded huge bribe

did the right thing at popularity expense
Adam's bloopers
Alien and Sedition Acts - expel foreigners and jail newspaper editoros (aimed at destroying D-R's)
Resistence to Acts
Jefferson and madison drafted Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions and nullified it (VERY VERY IMPORTANT THIS IS WHAT JOHN C. CALHOUN WOULD DO LATER) nothing happened though
Election of 1800
1.) The president (Jefferson) had a VP (Burr) he did not want. Fixed in the 12th Amendment.
2.) No violence occured between powers