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Simply put, routers do what?

Route Packets

What type of cable would you use to connect a PC NIC to an RJ45 Ethernet port of a Cisco router?


The portion of the frame relay network that interfaces with the customer premises equipment and is also called the enterprise network is the?

Access piece

Where is a router's "running configuration" located?


Which of the following are true for the output of the command show cep entry [device name]?

It displays a summary line of information about just the named neighbor

Which typer of memory stores the Cisco IOS image?

Flash Memory

The exclamation points in a reply to a ping request indicates?

The number of successful echo requests.

Humans can generally hear sounds that fall within what frequency range?

20Hz to 20,000 Hz

What would be the purpose of setting the router configuration register to 0x2102?

Make the router load one of the two alternate OS's

Which command will display the router's configuration register setting?

show version

If an engineer wants to test network connectivity, which of the following is the most basic command to use?


Which of the following commands will allow you to scull up through previously entered commands in the command history buffer?


The show cdp interface command is used to display which of the following?

States whether CDP is enabled on each interface

What does the acronym " NVRAM" stand for?

Nonvolatile random access memory

What password would be set by issuing the following command?

"Enable secret password cisco"

password cisco

What is important information in the response you must pay attention to after issuing a ping command?

The size and quantity of the ICMP packets, the timeout duration , the success rate, and the round trip time.

What is NOT one of the 4 major pieces of hardware that make up a telephone receiver set?


How many signaling changes occur in a waveform changing at a 2400 baud per second rate?


IPv6 was introduced with the primary purpose of?

Providing sufficient IP address space

Which of the following is NOT one of the stages occurring in the process of analog-to-digiital conversion?


The protocol that processes its information using a VPI and VCI is:


Which command is used to discover the configuration register setting?

Show Version

What is NOT displayed by the Cisco IOS show version command?

Statistics for configured interfaces

What is the correct order for the router boot process

1.POST to discover and verify hardware

2.Load and run bootstrap from ROM

3.Find and load IOS

4.Find and load configuration to RAM

The router memory used to store the startup configuration is the?


The modified final judgement in 1982 determined that every area within the United States resides within a specific ?


In the global configuration command ip route 5, what does the last number "5" stand for?

the administrative distances

Which type of memory stores the bootstrap code and will bring up the router when you first turn it on?


The OSI layer the ensures that the information is in a format that can be read by both ends is the?

Presentation Layer

The clock rate of an interface is applied to which router connection end?


Which of the following statements best describes a routing protocol?

A protocol through which routers learn about the possible IP routes

What is predetermined by an administrator and does not require a routing algorithm?

Static route

A port number is used by the Layer 4 protocol to designate which device is sending the packet?


The command required to established an entry password into the user mode is?

Enable password

A class C IP address has the following structure, where N refers to Network and H refers to the host. NNN.NNN.NNN.HHH


At which layer does UDP function?

Layer 4

What is the default administrative distance for RIP?


After a new router completes POST it will the load the?


All of the following factors impact the time required to reroute traffic using Layer 3 routing except the?

Number of new hops the traffic has to travel through on the new route

The command used to check the amount of flash memory in a router is?

Show Flash

The three most common dynamic routing protocols are?


What is the characteristic of distance vector routing protocols?

They are computationally more simple than Link-State

What statement best describes one function of a router?

It determines the best path way for traffic to take through a network

The router privileged mode is identified with what symbol?


An ICMP ehco request is generated ?

When a ping command is entered on a source host

What command would you use to verify Layer 7 software between the source and destination stations?


A packet is finalized and framed in at what layer of the OSI Model

Data Link layer

What command-line interface command can be used to check the routing table of a router?

Show IP route

What application is correctly associated with its well-known port number and transport protocol?


What has a limited version of the Cisco IOS software?


All of the following are parameters used to define a Frame Relay circuit except the?

service level agreement

A telco requires a special type of networking device directly to the end of a leased line called a?


Which of the following access list entries deny DNS(53)?

access-list 120 deny tcp&udp any any eq 53

The telnet command provides what type of terminal?


What does the access list allow?

access-list 1 permit

Permit a specific host

What wildcard mask identifies a subnet as a source to be blocked, assuming a subnet address of

The framing standard that improves the reliability of the circuit and extends the number of overhead bits available is called?

extended superframe

Which command is issued to upgrade an old version of the Cisco IOS Software by downloading a new image from the TFTP server?

copy TFTP flash

The SONET level that carries 155 Mbps of information is the?


Which of the following commands shows you the access list configured on your Cisco IOS router?

show access-list running