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Sexual appetite: Lady Would-be

"a beauty, ripe, as harvest!... And flesh, that melteth, in the tough, to blood! Bright as your gold, and lovely, as your gold!"

"Tis no sin, love’s fruits to steal"

Sexual appetite: Volpone's comments towards Celia:

"like a flame"

"ambitious fire"

"burning heat"

"heap of cinders"

"my liver melts

Sexual appetite: "Corvino:
“Do not I know if women have a will”
Sexual appetite: "Lady Wouldbe:
"expel my appetite"

- Avarice: Volpone's greed consequently ends with him losing everything he attained through manipulation and duplicity.

“only for hope of gain, and that uncertain, he would have sold his part of Paradise for ready money”

- Avarice: Volpone

“possess wealth, as sick men possess fevers”

- Avarice: Volpone

"What a rare punishment / Is avarice to itself."

- Avarice: Volpone

“All which I suffer, playing with their hopes,/ And am content to coin them into profit,/To look upon their kindness, and take more”

- Avarice: Volpone

“Oh, thou son of Sol (But brighter than thy father) let me kiss, /With adoration, thee, and every relic /Of sacred treasure in this blessed room.”

- Avarice: Volpone

"Letting the cherry knock against their lips,/ And draw it by their mouths, and back again"

- Avarice: Volpone

"riches, the dumb God that giv’st all men tongues; /That canst do nought, and yet mak’st men do all things"

- Power/Control: (To Celia) Corvino:

"I will buy some slave whom I will kill, and bind thee to him alive; and at my window how you forth"

- Power/Control: Corvino:

“Obedient, and a wife”

- Power/Control: Corvino to Celia:

"you will not be rebellious"- accompanied with stage direction: "drags her toward the bed"

- Power/Control: Volpone:

"pray him to come more often"

- Power/Control: Mosca objectifying Celia:

"the blazing star of Italy"

"she's kept as warily as is your gold",

Greed/power: Volpone

"This hope/ is such a bait, it covers any hook"

Hope makes men behave out of character


"With empty hand men may none haukes lure"

"One can lure no hawks with an empty hand."

Connotations of temptation and capturing men for her own pleasure


"An housbonde I wol have -- I wol nat lette --/ Which shal be bothe my dettour and my thral,"

"A husband I will have -- I will not desist -- / Who shall be both my debtor and my slave"

She is not going to have anything to chance, she will direct what the husbands do and how they behave

Manipulation/power: WOB PROLOGUE

They had me yeven hir lond and hir tresoor; / Me neded nat do lenger diligence

They had given me their land and their treasure / I needed not work hard any longer

Boasts about her power and how she mistreats her husbands, achieved 'maistrie' or 'sovereinete'

Deception: Voltore:

"So much more full of danger is his vice/that can beguille so under shade of virtue"

Those who appear to be good though their behaviour can be bad on the inside. This is true of Mosca and Volpone, but ironically sad about Bonario.

Deception/ Appearance VS reality: WOBPrologue

Thow seyst we wyves wol oure vices hide / Til we be fast, and thanne we wol hem shewe --

Thou sayest we wives will hide our vices / Until we be securely tied (in marriage), and then we will them show --

Appear to be good until married then show their badness


Power of sex: WOB prologue

'In wyfhod I wold use myn instrument''

"Myn housbonde shall it have bothe eve and morwe,"

"I have the power duringe al my lyf/ Upon his propre body,''

"I wolde no lenger in the bed abide,/... Til he had maad his raunson unto me;'

Belief in stars/personality: WOB prologue

'I koude noght withdrawe/ My chambre of Venus from a good felawe.'

'Stibourn I was as is a leonesse,'

Quotes from the Tale : WOB prologue

'I grante thee life if thou kanst tellen me/ What thing it is that wommen moost desiren.'

'For gentillesse cometh fro God allone,/ Thanne comth oure verray gentillesse of grace;'

Sex as economic concept of financial gain : WOB prologue

'For winning wolde I al his lust endure'

For profit I would endure all his lust,

Hypocritical and anti-feminist nature : WOB prologue

'swere and lyen as a woman kan'- taken directly from 'Le Roman de la Rose'

Swear and lie, as a woman can.

Challenging men's authority

'Who peyntede the leon, tel me who? /By God! If wommen hadde writen stories' .... 'They wolde han writen of men moore wikkednesse'

Who painted the lion, tell me who? / By God, if women had written stories,... They would have written of men more wickedness