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lingua, -ae
f., tongue; language
linguist, linguistics, bilingual, lingo, linguine
ferox, gen. ferocis
fierce, savage
ferocious, ferocity, cp. ferus, -i, beast
fidelis, fidele
faithful, loyal
fidelity, infidelity, infidel; cp. fides
geminus, -a, -um
geminate, gemination, Gemini
sapiens, gen. sapientis
as adj., wise, judicious; as noun, a wise man, philosopher
homo sapiens, sapience, insipience, sapid, insipid, verbum sapitenti, savant, sage; cp. sapientia, sapio
ultimus, -a, -um
farthest, extreme; last, final
ultimate, ultimatum, penultimate, antepenult
adv., then
adv., here
ait, aiunt
he says, they say, assert
commonly used in connection with proverbs and anecdotes
credo, credere, credidi, creditum
+ acc. or dat., to believe, trust
credence, credentials, credible, incredible, credulity, credulous, creed, credibility, credo, credit, creditable, accreditation, miscreant, grant
iaceo, iacere, iacui
to lie, lie prostrate, lie dead
adjacent, adjacency, interjacent, subjacent, gist, joist; do not confuse with iacio, iacere
nego (1)
to deny, say that... not
negate, negative, abnegate, renegade, renege, denial, runagate
nescio, nescire, nescivi, nescitum
not to know, be ignorant
nice; cp. scio
nuntio (1)
to announce, report, relate
denounce, enunciate, pronounce, renounce, nuncio; cp. pronuntio, nuntius, -i, messenger
patefacio, -facere, -feci, -factum
to make open, open; disclose, expose
puto (1)
to clean, trim; reckon, suppose, judge, think, imagine
compute, count, account, depute, dispute, impute, putative, repute, amputate
spero (1)
to hope for, hope, regularly + fut. inf. in ind. state
despair, desperado, desperate, desperation, prosper; cp. spes
suscipio, -cipere, -cepi, -ceptum (sub-capio)
to undertake
susceptible, susceptibility